Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stetson University’s tax ID number?

The legal name is Stetson University, Inc. and the tax ID number is 59-0624416.

What is the Stetson Society?

The Stetson Society is a recognition program that thanks individuals who have included a provision for Stetson University in their estate plan or who have established permanent, endowed funds. They all provide in some way for future generations of deserving students.

Why does Stetson University want to know if I have included it in my will or estate plan?

Being aware of your estate provision allows us to express our gratitude to you in person and also to clarify your intent so that the university will be a good steward of your gift. If you can provide an approximate amount of your gift, it will be added to our Gift Planning Inventory. This is an estimated total of future gifts, which is currently more than $100 million. The president and the Board of Trustees use the "GPI" as an indicator when making long-term financial plans for the university.

Isn't the Stetson Society just something for rich people?

The majority of Stetson Society members are everyday people who aren't wealthy. There is no minimum amount that qualifies for membership -- what's important is your desire to leave a legacy gift to help prepare future students to lead meaningful, productive and significant lives. You have the choice of benefiting the department or program that means the most to you, or you can leave an unrestricted gift that will be used wherever the need is greatest.

What's involved in becoming a member of the Stetson Society?

You can include Stetson University in your estate plan in many ways -- the most popular is a provision in your will or living trust. Another easy way is to name the university a beneficiary or percentage beneficiary of a life insurance policy or qualified IRA.

Establishing a charitable remainder trust may be beneficial option for you and your family. Another choice for those who are age 70 or older may be a charitable gift annuity that provides payments to you for the rest of your life. At your passing, the balance will come to Stetson University to be spent as you designate.

Some individuals choose to see their gifts at work during their lifetime by establishing a permanent, endowed fund, such as a scholarship. These can be established with payments over three to five years. Scholarship donors receive reports about their scholarship recipients and also have opportunities to meet them.

How can I find out more information about the Stetson Society?

Contact the Office of Gift Planning with any questions or to receive complimentary informational booklets. Call 386-822-7461 or email [email protected]. Helpful information is also available online.

We strongly encourage you to work with your professional advisors to determine the best charitable estate plan for you and your family.

What if things in my life change that alter my estate plan?

Circumstances in your life may change and, as a result, your estate plans may change. We just ask that you inform us any changes in your provision for Stetson University.