Dedes Family

We Love Stetson Campaign

"We met at Stetson as students, have family members who are alumni, are raising two future Hatters of our own and are connected to the university in various ways. This sense of belonging creates for us a strong sense of ownership because we truly believe that Stetson has made a difference in our lives. That is why we choose to support Stetson – for us it is about investing in the community that gave so much to us."

— John and Amy Dedes. (pictured)

John Dedes '02 is the director of insurance operations in the retail division at Brown & Brown, Inc., in Daytona Beach. Amy Dedes '04 is the associate director of Alumni Engagement at Stetson.

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We Love Stetson Banner

The We Love Stetson campaign is designed to share joyfulness and campus pride while expressing gratitude toward faculty and staff partners in DeLand and Celebration. All year long, you labor, strive, and invest your time and talents to make Stetson better each and every day. This campaign is about taking the time to acknowledge one another and the effort we all make.

Stetson is a place of change, growth, exploration and discovery. You are an important thread in the fabric that is the whole of the Stetson experience for thousands of students.

Giving to Stetson

For those faculty and staff who feel compelled, financial support of Stetson is a great way to express how strongly you care. Growing the participation rate of faculty and staff is one of several key ingredients in a vibrant and passionate internal community working cooperatively to create a culture of pride and ownership.

Do you feel strongly about scholarships? What a student organization is doing at Stetson? What's happening in your own school, college or department? It's participation, more than amount, that matters and that shows the outside world — potential donors, private foundations that award grants — just how deeply faculty and staff believe in the work they are doing to help equip students for lives of significance.

Not interested in making a gift? That's okay too – thank you so much for what you already give to Stetson and your students every day.


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