student sitting in a field in Ukraine

Ukraine Initiative

Help Stetson Sponsor Ukraine Faculty and Students

Stetson University and faculty in its program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies recently announced plans to sponsor Ukrainian students and faculty displaced by Russia's war against Ukraine. Students will be offered room, board, travel expenses and an opportunity to continue their studies in the United States. A university faculty member or recent PhD from Ukraine will receive a yearlong visiting scholar appointment to the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence at Stetson.

With the launch of a short, intensive fundraising campaign in March 2022, Stetson anticipates being able to fund four to five Ukrainian students (all female, as men may be called to serve in the war), as well as one faculty member. As they are leaving Ukraine amid the war, they are essentially refugees in need of basic necessities above and beyond the typical tuition, room and board costs of the average U.S. college student.

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