What to Support

Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarship funds enable Stetson University to recruit – and retain – the best and brightest students for Stetson. Scholarships allow students from wide-ranging cultures, life stages and socioeconomic backgrounds to benefit from the transformative influence of a Stetson University education.

Donor funding for fellowships provides graduate and upper-level undergraduate students with research, work or study opportunities that are of value to the university as well as student learning.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

In experiences typically found at the graduate level, Stetson undergraduates collaborate with faculty mentors and make original contributions to the advancement of knowledge and practice. Students analyze data, synthesize information, produce and perform creative works, and present at conferences – and put Stetson on the map for scholarly excellence.

Clinics and Externships

These programs enhance classroom-based learning and give graduate students in law, business, counseling and education opportunities to work closely with our faculty and practicing professionals. Students gain valuable, real-world experience applying substantive knowledge to find solutions to problems that confront professionals on a daily basis.

Student Success

Student Success programs foster student engagement through learning experiences that have extraordinary, real-world lasting impact. Student research, internships and community-engaged education accelerate students’ learning and develop their skills and professional networks.

International Learning

Studying abroad stretches students’ views of the world and provides experience navigating unique situations – creating more culturally competent graduates who are highly sought by employers and graduate schools, and who make better citizens. Donor funding will support more scholarships, technology to bridge distances, and greater internationalization of our campus programs and curricula.

Student Life

Investments in student life create a healthy, enriched dynamic that supports student learning outside the classroom. Funding allows for enhancements in interfaith activities and student government; leadership development programs; health and wellness initiatives; and environmental sustainability practices that engage our community toward personal growth and social responsibility.


Our athletic programs generate national attention, increased enrollment and alumni engagement while contributing to greater student spirit, satisfaction and retention. Investments in our programs and facilities will support renovation of the Edmunds Center on the DeLand campus as well as other physical improvements and athletic needs.

Faculty Research and Development

Donor funding allows Stetson to attract and retain outstanding faculty, ensuring diversity of background and thought while contributing to dynamic and strategic growth in our academic programs. Endowed funds enable faculty to pursue in-depth research, support student and faculty travel, and allow for curriculum development in new areas.

Learning Technologies

Support for learning technologies allows Stetson to keep pace with new developments and offer faculty the technological tools and training – from iPads to streaming video – that spark innovation in classroom content and delivery, and in experiential learning and research.

Centers of Excellence

Creating Centers of Excellence takes our signature programs to new heights. Whether it’s a Center for Law Advocacy or a Center for Family Enterprise, such endeavors support faculty and key initiatives, generate revenue to reinvest in our university, and advance our reputation and mission – thereby providing students the best we can offer.

Emerging Opportunities

As an institution of higher education dedicated to preparing generations of leaders, thinkers and innovators for significant lives across the globe, Stetson must invest in transformative approaches to teaching and learning that enhance our academic environment in deliberate, significant ways. An investment that allows Stetson to capture the glimmer on the horizon is priceless.

Welcome Center

From the first moments our visitors step onto campus, we must ensure they experience Stetson for the inviting environment it truly is. A new Center will welcome alumni and guests, and serve as the new home for our Office of Admission in DeLand. We will also centralize student services and create a functional focal point for the newest members of the Stetson community.

Campus Center

The Carlton Union Building (CUB) on our DeLand campus has been without major renovation since its construction in 1957. A renovated CUB will be a pivotal social hub that showcases Stetson’s vibrancy while improving student retention. Investments will allow for multi-purpose spaces for social activity, gathering areas for interfaith and leadership initiatives, and technology upgrades.

Student Success Center

Bringing our DeLand campus student support programs together into a new Student Success Center in the duPont-Ball Library will create synergistic areas for collaborative learning and tutoring. It will enhance a Student Success Program dedicated to ensuring our students persist in their studies through graduation.

Student Center

On our Gulfport campus, the creation of a student-centered gathering space will unite Crummer Hall with a vibrant area for student dining, collaboration and community building. Renovations will marry services for student convenience and create a pedestrian-friendly entrance to the College of Law.

Stetson Fund

Your gifts help us fund the moments that matter. By donating to the Stetson Fund, you support the greatest needs of the University and what makes a Stetson education distinctive and relevant.

Performance Hall

A university gathering space on our growing DeLand campus will unite our community for performances, presentations and lectures in a venue that supports 21st century technology as well as our notable artistic and academic endeavors. This long-desired project, however, remains a mere wish due to the lack of angel investors with significant funding capability; thus, it exists as a stand-alone project alongside the goals of Stetson’s current campaign.