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Approximately three out of four Stetson students have financial need. While the university meets a large percentage of this need, only about 10 percent of it is donor-funded today.

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Scholarship funds enable Stetson University to recruit – and retain – the best and brightest students for Stetson. Scholarships allow students from various cultures, life stages and socioeconomic backgrounds to benefit from the transformative experience a Stetson education provides. These richly diverse students make invaluable contributions to our campus communities as we grow together – from discussions that unfold in our classrooms to projects and programming that shift our paradigms.

Your scholarship support enables an academically talented student with financial need to receive a high-quality education, an adult to advance in educational and professional significance, or a law student to graduate without being heavily in debt.

Your investment goes beyond opening up opportunities for students. It also ensures that our world is enriched by remarkable alumni ...the best Stetson has to offer.

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The profile of the college student has changed rapidly in recent years, with fewer American families able to afford the full cost of higher education, and the number of high school graduates declining nationwide. Financial aid has become more critical in nearly every student's college decision. In this quickly altering landscape of higher education, Stetson, as a tuition-driven institution, must acquire and devote the resources – as its competitors are – to focus on growing markets, and attract and retain these students.

Scholarships ensure that students have access to a great Stetson education and all the ways such an experience can make a meaningful difference in their lives and in the lives of those they touch. Funding helps offset costs and gives individuals the freedom to follow their chosen passions, refine their talents or contribute to a societal need rather than basing their choice of major primarily on the size of the paycheck needed to pay back loans. They enter the workforce or graduate school with a decreased burden of debt.

The benefits of donor-funded scholarships are far-reaching. Each year, our students receive several million dollars in financial aid; currently, the majority of this funding comes directly from Stetson's annual operating budget. Scholarships underwritten by donors enable us to repurpose operating dollars. More operating budget resources enrich our academic program and fund other initiatives that meet student needs holistically while better positioning Stetson, and our endowment, for the future.


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