International Learning

International Learning

Research shows that immersing oneself in another culture and language stretches one's view of the world and provides experience in managing and navigating unique situations. Through study abroad, students achieve greater self-confidence and personal growth while gaining concrete skills and the important traits inherent in a solid liberal arts education. Such traits are increasingly essential in our modern world, especially as companies seek to hire individuals adept at interacting in intercultural situations.

Our goal in the campaign is to make it possible for every Stetson student to study abroad regardless of academic major and financial means. Financial support from donors—in the form of an endowed student scholarship fund—is critical to increasing the number of students who can and will access international study opportunities.

Morgan Egan

"Studying abroad was an amazing opportunity to expand my perspective of the world and learn from a new point of view. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I would recommend it to anyone. I was really worried about finances, but the WORLD office really helped me by showing me places to apply for scholarships. Also, I got to explore so many amazing places that I never thought I would be able to go to. I grew so much as a person from this, and it made me better prepared to go after things that I want."

Morgan Egan | Morgan studied abroad with an exchange program at Ewha Womans University in South Korea

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In addition, at Stetson, we bring the world to all of our students by infusing the campus with an increased awareness of other cultures and international issues. Funding  expands on and sustain initiatives. Additional campus programming includes domestic and international speakers and scholars, cultural performers, and training and educational opportunities for student leaders.

To further bridge the distance between Stetson students and global experiences, we turn to technology as a useful tool. Such outreach with our global partners includes co-teaching with faculty who are overseas; creating student and faculty collaboration with international colleagues; leveraging international events to enable virtual participation; identifying our online library resources toward ensuring that all Stetson courses have an intercultural component; and providing enhanced research and interactive opportunities for our community, such as the School of Music projecting performances for international audiences.


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