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Hello from Stetson!

Emmie Wenzell, sophomore

  • Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
  • Honors Program: Self-designed major - economics, Chinese
  • Minors in Spanish and business law
  • Presidential Scholarship recipient
  • Recruiting Manager for the Family Enterprise Center
  • Cross country team
  • Engaged Leader for Student Development and Campus Vibrancy
  • West Volusia County Young Life Leader (outreach ministry)
  • Global Leadership Program
  • Student athlete representative

My story starts in Honduras – a country I lived in for a year as a child and that I return to every summer. It's where my dad, as a Peace Corps volunteer, met my mom. I have been so blessed in my life and travels (20 countries and counting) that I feel compelled to help others. Stetson gives me the means to do just that.

Ultimately, maybe after a few years in the Peace Corps or teaching English - I want to practice international corporate law and help survivors of human trafficking pick up their lives again. Part of being a global citizen is immersing yourself in another's culture - "seek first to understand, then be understood." For me, it's really about connecting and reaching one person at a time.

A global-thinking university, Stetson's students
come from 45 states and 51 countries.

I've always been interested in Chinese, and through Stetson I studied in Shanghai last summer (I even climbed and spent the night on the Great Wall); this summer, with a stipend through the Honors Program, I'm going to a rural village in northern China to teach English in a really immersive field experience.

What I love about Stetson is the diversity of opportunities - how one moment I'm working in our Family Enterprise Center setting up events and meeting professionals like Ross Born (of Just Born, makers of Peeps) and the next I'm doing outreach ministry with high school kids whose parents are struggling with addiction, in prison or just don't care. Being there makes a difference. I go to their school events and musicals. We are real with each other.

It's important that I show up. If I have the ability and means to help, why wouldn't I?