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Center for Law Advocacy

With numerous top-place advocacy rankings and hundreds of championship titles and awards earned in interscholastic competitions, no law school in the nation can match Stetson's legacy for advocacy excellence.

Stetson's unique, holistic approach to legal education has led to an increased demand for courtroom space to expand every student's access to the facilities that they will see in practice. Even with seven existing courtrooms, student advocacy teams often must practice in larger classroom spaces that are also used for classes, student organizations and other activities.

The Advocacy Center will be the physical manifestation of Stetson's commitment to blending legal theory and practical skills that will advance the profession. Through a major renovation of the old Dana Library, this initiative will expand our capacity to prepare advocates and bring together the Centers for Excellence under one roof to cement Stetson's reputation as an institution defined by excellence.

Student Center

On our Gulfport campus, the creation of a student-centered gathering space will unite Crummer Hall with a vibrant area for student dining, collaboration and community building. Renovations will marry services for student convenience and create a pedestrian-friendly entrance to the College of Law.

The new Student Union will become the hub where future Stetson lawyers gather and build professional connections that could last a lifetime. It will become the epicenter of the student experience, transforming the heart of campus and connecting Stetson's beautiful buildings like never before.

This project includes converting the current Sebring Courtroom, dining room and coffee shop into one comprehensive dining locale and opening the arches for an expanded view of the Plaza Mayor and fountains. It will create one defined path from the street, through the Student Union, to the spectacular center courtyard. Rather than residing in the recess of campus, the dining area will become the central location for student activity. There will be ample indoor and outdoor seating, and a centralized grounds plan that will better showcase the beauty of the campus.

Imagine a space, bustling with activity, where students can go to meet up with a study group, grab a coffee between classes or prepare for a final exam. A place where students forge meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and each other.

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