Stetson Summer Seminar Series

The faculty at Stetson University believes a college education is about exploring the corners of the world, discovering universal truths in the arts and sciences and examining our own values to help us live significant lives. The Stetson Summer Seminar Series is an exclusive opportunity to engage early in the summer with like-minded students and faculty. These unique courses are offered to a select group of our newest students who are willing to be challenged and are seriously committed to academic excellence.


Scholarships are available and will be awarded on the basis of a high school record, standardized testing and quality of the essay. These scholarships will reduce the cost of these classes to $500.00 per course.

Course Descriptions

POLI190: Exploring Liberal Arts

Course Description: This course will be an intensive primer to life Stetson student regardless of one’s academic major, minor or future career path. Designed specifically for students who have wide-ranging interests or are undeclared majors, this course will explore the nature of a broad-based education in arts and sciences. We will explore how to think about "thinking" in preparation for the challenges of university-level learning environments. Drawing from the history of politics and philosophy, students will learn the skills necessary for finding their voice, examine their values and begin to understand individual responsibility and global citizenship.

POLI190: Politics and the Liberal Arts

Course Description: Drawing from classical and contemporary works in political science, students will explore the academic study of politics. Designed for students with interests in all areas of political science, this course will explore the nature of a liberal arts education and how it helps us address the problems of politics. This course will focus on big questions and theoretical systems across the major subfields of political science.

SOCI190: The Liberal Arts for Lawyers

Course Description: Designed for students interested in pre-law, sociology and public service, this course will introduce students to legal thinking, legal questions, and the role of law in society. Students will explore the nature of a liberal arts education and how it relates to the idea of law. Students in this course will have hands-on mentorship and guidance in preparation for careers in law and public service.

PHIL190: Liberal Arts and Medicine

Course Description: Designed for students with interests in the medical and health professions, this course will cover topics like bio-medical ethics and pressing questions that arise from emerging technologies. Students will explore the nature of a liberal arts education and how doctors and other practitioners must increasingly draw from across the disciplines to better practice medicine. Students will work closely with their professor to understand the changing and often controversial role of medicine and medical technology in our daily lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

Incoming first-year students are eligible to apply for up to two classes.

How is the course delivered?

The Seminar Series is an online class with the potential to meet as a cohort during the summer.  The classes start on May 21st and end on July 10th.  The courses are a half unit and will be taught by Stetson's faculty.

How do I apply?

Submit an email to by May 18, 2018, with the subject line: Summer Seminar Series. Type your name, date of birth, and include your preferred order of the seminars, in case you cannot be placed in your first choice seminar. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis and classes may close before the deadline to preserve the student to faculty ratio.  In additions, students may be asked to write a 500-word response to the questions "What does it mean to know something in the age of contested facts?"