Grades Nine to 12

Course List

Stetson University's FLC is a leadership development and personal development program.

Future Leader Camp

Stetson University is proud to partner with Cognition Builders to offer its first Adulting Bootcamp. Our Adulting Bootcamp is for every parent who wishes their teenager could take a crash course in growing up. In just one day, your high schooler will learn the specifics of managing their responsibilities, old and new, successfully and independently. The dates and times for 2019 will be provided soon!

Adulting Bootcamp

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields of computer science. Cyber threats, cyber warfare, state-sponsored hacking, phishing, and ransomware are mentioned in mainstream media virtually every day and potentially threaten our personal, corporate, and national security and way of life.

During this course, students will cycle among "white hat" and "black hat" hacking roles in order to understand both perspectives: those that defend against attacks, and those that perform attacks.

Cyber Security Camp

Thinking about becoming a lawyer?

Prepare and deliver arguments with and against experienced trial attorneys and other students in front of actual trial judges in matches designed to develop your trial skills. Have dinner with attorneys, law school staff and law students making contacts to prepare for your future career, and learn the ins and outs of public speaking and logical evidence.

Mock Trial Camp

Do you have an idea that you want to develop but do not know where to start? How do you effectively communicate and convince others that your idea works? In the Centurion Business Development Camp, you will get a chance to build an idea from scratch and learn methods to deliver the best presentation pitch from two Stetson business faculty members who have had years of experience in various industries. Throughout the camp, our staff members will help you brainstorm a plan to develop your idea through a series of hands-on entrepreneurship topics, communication methods and coaching activities. On the last day, you will be competing with other campers in a simulated Shark Tank with judges from the University to determine your progress throughout the five-day overnight camp. The goal of the camp is for you to have a basic understanding of business and build an effective communication skill-set, not only in a business setting but also for your everyday life interactions with others.

Centurion Business Development

Concepts like "mindfulness" and "meditation" are hot topics these days, appearing everywhere from academia to religion to sports training and corporate wellness programs. In this highly experiential program, students will learn about the history and benefits of contemplative practice along with how to apply the practices for personal growth.

Mindfulness, Meditation and More

This would be a one-day opportunity for high school students to learn about studying abroad when they get to college. We'll talk about Stetson's study abroad programs, opportunities for scholarships, the on-campus global experience, and more. We would design this to be a "virtual study abroad" experience, and incorporate virtual global experiences - for example, "A day in the life" videos where students can experience the culture of another country through the eyes of a local, virtual city tours, an interactive workshop to discuss culture, opportunities to engage with students from around the world.

Explore the World

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