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English Pathways Program

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The Stetson University English Pathways Program is an immersion English language study program designed to expose students to all the skills necessary to develop and improve their ability and confidence in speaking, reading, and writing English. EPP is designed specifically for students that wish to work towards an undergraduate or graduate degree from Stetson University or another American university.

This fully immersive program allows students the opportunity to live, study, and socialize on the beautiful main campus of Stetson University in Deland, Florida. New students are placed according to their ability, which is determined by a placement exam given before each session begins. Applicants will be submitted to an online placement test provided by Talken English School and he or she must score a minimum of 45 on the TOEFL iBT (or the equivalent on the PBT - 450) to be admitted into the program.

The EPP is offered over five sessions per academic year, with each session lasting eight weeks. If a student starts at the Beginner level and passes all their classes each session, they can expect to finish the entire Intensive ESL Program in as little as 16 weeks. Students who start at higher levels (as determined by the required placement exam) could complete the program more quickly.

Classes are run like American university courses and include lectures, homework, in-class presentations, computer lab study, tests and quizzes, etc. Classes meet 17.5 hours per week each 8 week session. Students are graded on all their work and exams, and the final grade of “Pass” or “Fail” determines whether they will move up in level or repeat a course until they are successful in passing it.

For every semester or 133 hours of classes, an improvement of 16 points on the TOEFL iBT is expected from the student.

All materials are included in the cost of tuition. Room and Board is required and is a separate fee from tuition.

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Cost Per Eight Week Session:
$2400 Tuition
$2600 Room and Board 


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