Innovation Through Disruption is Key!

Unfortunately, as of Feb. 1, 2022, the Disruptive Leadership Certificate Program at Stetson University is no longer an active program. If you have any questions in regards to the former Disruptive Leadership program, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Despite your occupation, industry or functional area, chances are that your company is undergoing massive changes. The current world is ever-evolving, the client's expectations change from day to day, and organizations that understand how to adapt to emerging technologies and bend them to their benefit to create new valuable experiences for their customers will flourish in the unstable digital world of today. Customers expect and deserve the highest caliber of service with on-demand delivery- all at a lower cost. What will your business do to meet customer demands, and still preserve financial sustainability?

Disruptive Leadership Certificate Program at Stetson University prepares you to make sense of the unpredictability of the new business models. You get hand-on training that sets you up to ask the needed questions, oversee and lead others, and convey your thoughts and strategies to senior administration. Release the power of innovation to develop your next intelligent disruption.

Disruptive Leadership Stetson encourages you to stay focused by furnishing you with the abilities, tools and methodologies to plan, manage, and implement projects to address uncertainty and opportunity at your organization. During the program, you'll decide a thought or task to create and refine, complete a detailed roadmap on how to implement your project and leave with a Professional Capstone Portfolio to use immediately back at your organization. As a little something extra, our post-program mentorship guarantees you are not in this by yourself. You'll be partnered with a member of our master faculty to mentor and guide you through applying new leadership skills, understanding technology, and project management. Recognize where you need backup to succeed- and we'll remain with you "on the field."


Small Classes

Each program is limited to no more than 35 participants. Many participants are nominated by their companies to attend either individually or with a team of colleagues.

Engaging and Fun

Our instructors are chosen for their expertise and ability to engage and inspire. Presentations are interspersed with hands-on activities to encourage interaction and collaboration.

Business Outcomes!

Everything we do is to help you become better at your job and help your organization to achieve ROI. We make it easy to gain practical skills and knowledge with is immediately applicable.

Registration Information

Online Program 

Cost: $4,995.00

Rolling Admission

Portfolio and All Course Materials
8 Weeks of Mentoring
Interactive Projects
Group Discussions

No longer accepting registrations