Course Proposal

Stetson’s Continuing Education and Outreach Department is continually interested in developing new courses and camps to offer students. We offer summer camps (June-July) as well as weekend workshops throughout the year. These programs can be virtual or on campus. We realize your time is valuable and we sincerely thank you for your interest in creating programs and teaching for Continuing Education and Outreach. The information you provide below will help us assess your proposal against the university’s mission and objectives and to review against other ongoing department programs and services.

Submission Deadlines

Academic Summer Camps

  • April 1 for upcoming summer

Summer Enrichment Camps/Programs

  • April 1

Enrichment Workshop Programs:

  • 90 days prior to the program start date

Proposal Submission

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For more information, please contact the Office of Continuing Education and Outreach at

 [email protected]