Continuing Education and Outreach

Continuing Education and Outreach

Stetson University Continuing Education and Outreach offers an assortment of programs from Summer Camps to Test Prep. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. 386-822-7500 or [email protected].

Summer Camps

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Stetson University offers a variety of programs and offerings for students entering college.

Summer Camp Programs

Leadership West Volusia


Leadership West Volusia strives to develop a group of people who will provide ongoing leadership in the community.

Leadership West Volusia

Rowing Service (Visiting Teams)

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Stetson University's rowing service is a one-stop-shop for visiting rowing teams to make your trip a productive experience.

Rowing Service (Visiting Teams)

Education Anywhere


Stetson University partners with community organizations to provide educational opportunities.

Education Anywhere

Testing and Test Prep


Applying to undergraduate or graduate studies, law school or business school? Testing/Test Prep available.

Testing and Test Prep Courses

English Pathways


Immersion English language study designed to improve speaking, reading, and writing English.

English Pathways Program