A blog is an easy-to-update website or web page where one or more authors write regular entries in an informal (journal-like) format. The most effective and interesting blogs allow readers to engage in conversations with the author and with each other. Blogs can provide great benefits, but they can require a large investment in time. Before you jump in, learn the benefits and challenges so you understand what it takes to build and manage a successful blog.

A blog can help you to:

  • Engage with and serve your audience
  • Put a human face on the work you do
  • Explain your mission, policies and goals
  • Promote discussion
  • Spot trends early and mitigate potential problems
  • Gather feedback and ideas
  • Establish yourself as an expert

A blog shouldn't be used for:

  • One way communication. The best blogs create a dialogue between the author and readers.
  • Short-term initiatives. Blogs need time to gather a following and the initiative might be over before your blog has time to become widely read or known.
  • Sharing irrelevant personal information. It's OK to share small tidbits of personal information to give your blog interest and help people relate to you, but what you share should always relate back in some way to official university business.
  • Regurgitating press releases. Blogs are meant to be informal. They can be used to supplement or comment on official information, such as press releases, but shouldn't be used just to repost formal notifications.

What We Offer

This service is available to any official Stetson University entity.

Stetson University primarily uses WordPress for its blogging needs. If your request is approved, we'll set up and complete the initial configuration of a WordPress installation for you to use. While we offer support for usage, ultimately it will be up to you to maintain the content within the system and ensure that it's regularly updated and maintained.

Getting Started

When you submit your request, you should be able to answer these questions:

  1. Why do you need a blog?
    • What problem would it solve?
    • How will it help you meet your organizational goals?
  2. Who is your audience?
    • Who are you writing to?
    • What message do you want to communicate?
    • What kind of feedback do you expect and how will you manage it?

If you decide that a blog is right for you, then continue to the following steps:

  1. Determine if your content fits into the blogging category as described above.
  2. Determine if you have the resources to regularly create the new content required to maintain vibrancy on a blog, as well as the time to communicate at least somewhat regularly with your readers.
  3. Use the Web Services Request form to notify us of your intent. Please explain your goal and how you believe a blog will help you to achieve it.
  4. If approved, we'll recommend the best course of action moving forward.

Additional Resources