Teamwork and Collaboration

Build and maintain collaborative relationships using individual strengths, shared responsibility, conflict management and respect to achieve a common goal.

Improve Your Teamwork and Collaboration Competency

  • Get involved with students organizations found on HatterSync.
  • Commit to a competition team related to your academic, career or sports interests.

Describe Your Teamwork and Collaboration Competency to Employers and Grad Schools

  • Accept responsibility for roles and tasks delegated to you.
  • Take on leadership-like qualities and duties when appropriate being careful not to undermine the group leader’s authority.
  • Exercise appropriate followership by being accountable for delegated roles and tasks.
  • Advocate my position/stance on things with a willingness to cooperate, build consensus and sometimes compromise.
  • Understand alternative viewpoints and opinions by asking questions respectfully and keeping an open mind.
  • Civilly resolve conflicts by acknowledging emotions and focusing on facts that are at the heart of disagreements.
  • Be aware of group dynamics and promote functional team behaviors.
  • Take responsibility for productive group meetings by engaging in active discussions, asking thoughtful questions, summarizing decisions and creating action steps.
  • Provide constructive feedback on a group and individual performance.
  • Assist leader by offering to facilitate meetings, creating agendas, initiating ideas and encouraging/motivating teammates.
  • Provide support to struggling team members.
  • Recognize and work to remove obstacles impeding team progress.
  • Help group members achieve goals by doing assigned tasks and being prepared for meetings.
  • Bring member concerns to the attention of group leader.
  • Express appreciation for jobs well done and celebrate milestones.
  • Share credit for team accomplishments.
  • Treat members fairly and with dignity.
  • Display sensitivity to teammate emotions and call out when appropriate.
  • Encourage a desire to learn new things from group members.
  • Be willing to share knowledge and develop group members.
  • Encourage and accept differing opinions.
  • Aid group in making decisions.
  • Encourage diverse groups to work together.
  • Appropriately represent the group and present a positive self-image.
  • Hold self and members accountable.
  • Plan ahead to avoid conflicts with group work.
  • Develop alternative approaches to accommodate a change in plans.
  • Complete a project correctly and within a deadline without multiple reminders or micro-management from the leader.
  • Take initiative to find growth opportunities that contribute to the advancement of individuals and the team as a whole.
  • Facilitate constructive consensus-building, compromise and conflict.
  • Be inclusive and value the diversity of the group.
  • Understand my own roles and responsibilities within a group and how they may change in differing situations.
  • Influence others without necessarily holding a formal position of authority and have the willingness to take action.

Rubrics to Assess Teamwork and Collaboration Learning