Professionalism and Productivity

Demonstrate authentic professional presence through setting and accomplishing goals and producing high-quality results while responsibly keeping interests of the larger community in mind. Exhibit integrity, accountability, resilience, adaptability, good judgment, humility and drive.

Improve Your Professionalism and Productivity Competency

Describe Your Professionalism and Productivity Competency to Employers and Grad Schools

  • Effectively manage time, priorities, and multiple competing demands to complete work and meet deadlines
  • Coordinate projects from start to finish
  • Plan and implement events and programs
  • Add value through developing and leveraging resources
  • Monitor and stay within assigned or negotiated budgets
  • Pay attention to detail and quality especially when accuracy and efficiency are highly valued
  • Accept shared responsibility for solving issues
  • Hold myself accountable for completing expected tasks on a timely basis
  • Practice high standards of business and dining etiquette when called for by the occasion or setting
  • Wear attire appropriate for the organization and/or situation
  • Recognize and carefully navigate workplace politics and office gossip
  • Actively seek out mentors for advice, growth and networking
  • Keep things in perspective and employ a sense of humor when appropriate
  • Exude positive competitiveness and drive while avoiding being detrimental to coworkers or the organization
  • Exercise self-awareness and seek external feedback for personal improvement and building confidence
  • Exhibit a strong work ethic
  • Approach work with enthusiasm
  • Practice tenacity and resilience to push through obstacles
  • Use innovation and creativity to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Earn trust by being reliable, exhibiting integrity and behaving ethically
  • Adapt to change by having a flexible mindset and a willingness to try new things
  • Motivated to take initiative and work independently with minimal supervision
  • Maturely cope with and learn from failure
  • Cultivate a personal ethic of curiosity and discovery
  • Seek out and ask for new experiences and responsibilities
  • Awareness of keeping confidential information
  • Understand the limits of what is acceptable information to share with those inside and outside the department/organization
  • Commit to and understand the importance of a strong work ethic
  • Comprehend and apply information gained through training
  • Contribute to and value an ethically responsible organizational culture
  • Understand the ramifications of not following policies and protocols for self and organization
  • Exercise great customer service skills
  • Acquire and improve skills necessary to accomplish tasks/job responsibilities required in my job
  • Develop insights and habits of regularly assessing my sense of balance and quality of life
  • Develop self-efficacy and control over my own life
  • Effectively self-manage stress and anxiety
  • Find equanimity, peacefulness and resiliency in the face of adversity
  • Develop imaginative and inclusive ways to solve problems
  • Create and sustain positive relationships and social support
  • Demonstrate pro-social behaviors and emotions (e.g., compassion, joy, gratitude, cooperation)
  • Take risks and overcome internal struggle to expose my creative self in order to bring forward new work or ideas

Rubrics to Assess Professionalism and Productivity Learning