Influence and empower others toward a common goal through awareness of one’s actions, abilities and beliefs; understanding and respecting others; strategic thinking; and decision making.

Improve Your Leadership Competency

  • Gaining training and get involved through Stetson's LEAD programs and initiatives
  • Get involved with students organizations found on HatterSync and take on leadership roles
  • Find student employment roles that offer you the opportunity to compete for supervisory opportunities
  • Take on leadership roles related to academic and athletic competition teams

Describe Your Leadership Competency to Employers and Grad Schools

  • Encourage, motivate, inspire and empower others
  • Share credit for successes
  • Plan and set priorities for team or group
  • Delegate with respect
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Leverage strengths of others for the benefit of the whole
  • Articulate a shared vision
  • Willing to ask group to take manageable risks toward positive change
  • Able to make hard decisions
  • Take initiative to move a team forward
  • Develop or improve relationships within and outside the group
  • Able to see and seize opportunities
  • Comfortably deal with criticism or the unexpected
  • Seek out and take on more responsibility
  • Adept at confronting and pushing through difficulties
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of others and provide feedback

Rubrics to Assess Leadership Learning