After the Interview

Once you wow the employer with your well-thought out responses, your job is not quite over. The following tips will maintain your credibility:

  • Send an email thank you letter within 12 hour and a hand written thank you letter within 48 hours to each person you interviewed with, thanking them for their time, restating your interest (if it still exists), and highlighting why the employer should hire you (if you're still interested). A mailed letter is better than an e-mailed letter. 
  • If the employer has provided you with an email address, a brief and immediate "thanks" can positively prelude your letter.
  • If you are not contacted within the specified time, call to restate your interest, and to find out "where they are in the hiring process." Communicate with the employer once per week by phone or email to keep your name fresh in their minds.
  • Request a period of time to consider any offers (several days up to 2 weeks is a reasonable amount of time). See Career Services in the meantime to find out the best way to negotiate salary.
  • Be sure to consider all aspects of the job before accepting an offer. Even a verbal acceptance is considered binding, and it would be unethical to reverse your decision without a solid reason.
  • If you do not get the job, you may want to ask the employer for some constructive criticism.
  • Use the interview as a learning experience. After you leave the room, take notes on how to improve next time.
  • Keep the office of Career and Professional Development updated on your progress.