Internship Impact Fund

Through generous donations, the Office of Career and Professional Development can offer financial assistance - which can offer financial help - in support of summer internships.

The funds may be used to offset travel or living expenses such as air travel, gas mileage, parking, and more. Internships may be at a non-profit, for-profit, domestic, or international organization.

Who can apply for the Impact Fund? 

  • Any Stetson University undergraduate student can apply. To be eligible, you must still be an undergraduate during the summer of the internship.

How can I apply?

How much funding is available? 

  • This depends on the total amount of donations and may vary from year to year. 

When should I apply? 

  • The Internship Impact Fund Application will be open from March 1 to March 31st. Please plan to submit your application within this window.
  • Students may apply while still in the internship search process but must have secured an internship offer by the application closing date of March 31st. If you secure an internship after you submit your application, send an offer letter or other proof of internship to [email protected]. Applicants who do not complete this step will be ineligible for an award.

Can I apply if my internship is paid? 

  • Yes, however, preference will be given to students completing unpaid internships.

Do I have to pursue a specific major/program of study to be eligible? 

  • No, we encourage students from all majors to apply. 

How will I determine if I have been selected to receive an award? 

  • All applicants will be notified of their application status via email by mid-April. Please make sure to check your Stetson email. 

When will I receive the award?

  • Students who have uploaded their signed Award Letter by the deadline will receive 80% of their award by early May. They will receive the remaining 20% by early August after they complete the additional program requirements listed below.

What are the steps involved in the process for the Internship Impact Fund? 

  • Submit a completed application by the closing date. 
    • Details about your internship, such as title, organization, and location.  You will be asked about your search timeline if you do not have an internship yet. 
    • Your internship offer letter or list of organizations you have applied to
    • A statement of need
    • An estimated budget
  • If selected to receive an award:
    • Complete an Internship Orientation in Canvas, if you have not within the past year 
  • Accept and log into the Canvas course for the Internship Impact Fund, where you will:
    • Upload your signed Award Letter by April 16th
    • Upload/complete additional requirements by July 7th 
        • Receipts showing how the funds were used
        • A thank you letter to the Impact Fund donors
        • A picture related to your internship experience 
        • An updated resume or portfolio, which includes the internship
        • Answer questions about your Career Readiness competencies

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact Career and Professional Development at (386) 822-7315 or [email protected]