Internship Orientations

Students who plan to participate in a Summer or Fall 2021 internship course for academic credit are required to complete an Internship Orientation.

The Internship Orientation focuses on how students can maximize their internship experience. Assistance with the internship course registration process, including creating learning objectives, is also be provided.

Students who have attended an Internship Orientation within the past three semesters do not need to attend again.

Summer and Fall 2021 Internship Orientation - Update!

Career and Professional Development is currently providing an online version of the Internship Orientation instead of in-person sessions.

Once students are registered for an internship course (have received “permission of instructor” override from faculty members teaching the course), they will be enrolled in the Undergraduate Internships Organization in Canvas. All students will be notified via e-mail with instructions on how to complete the Internship Orientation. The Internship Orientation module consists of a Presentation & Quiz.

Please note: Students must complete the Internship Orientation before the "internship registration deadline" as indicated on the Stetson University academic calendar or risk being administratively dropped from the academic internship course.

Please contact Career and Professional Development at 386-822-7315 or email [email protected] with questions.