Getting Started

Develop a List of Potential Contacts

  • Classmates
  • Alumni
  • Parents and Other Family
  • Parents of Classmates
  • Professors and Advisors
  • Current and Former Employers
  • Members of Professional Associations
  • Members of Clubs or Other Organizations to Which You Belong

Determine Your Purpose for Contacting Your Network

  • Job duties
  • Educational preparation
  • Future growth in the field
  • Recommended work experience
  • Employers in your field
  • Descriptions of various work environments
  • Hiring strategies
  • Preferred qualifications
  • Referrals to employers who have openings

Review What You Have to Offer and What You Are Seeking

Knowing yourself better will enable you to talk easily with greater confidence to your networking contacts, and it will help you to make a match with careers and employers that are right for you. To facilitate this self-assessment, consider your skills, interests and values. Take a few minutes to reflect on the questions below.

  • What are your greatest accomplishments?
  • What interests you professionally and personally?
  • What's important to you?