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Planning and Timelines

Recommended Resources

  • Professors - Professors know which programs favor students from Stetson, the relative quality of graduate programs in their fields, and they may have colleagues at graduate programs where you would like to apply.
  • Other Students and Alumni - Students and alumni can give you the most honest information about the quality of the program. They can tell you the pros and cons of specific programs and graduate schools and what the application process was like.
  • The Office of Career and Professional Development - Staff members can help with searching for programs, application planning, resume or CV writing, personal statement review, testing information and more. Plan to attend the Graduate School Recruitment Fair hosted each fall.
  • Peterson's Guides - These online and in-print guides have every accredited program in the United States. While these guides are very thorough, if you want to learn about all of your options there is no other complete resource. 
  • Specialty Guides- Find guides for your field, for example, Graduate Programs in Neurosciences, by asking professors or by using the subject search engines through the duPont-Ball library's online databases.
  • Academic Journals in Your Field- Students also get ideas directly from academic journals. Explore academic journals for research topics that interest you and notice where the researchers teach. Explore each of the programs and determine if they would be a good fit for you.
  • Internet - Use the Internet to investigate the schools you're interested in. Typically, students will research programs through four steps: 1. University, 2: Program or Department, 3: Faculty members in their department of interest, 4: Specific faculty member's research interests. 
  • Graduate School Roadmap: Explore what to do and when (and more) for successful admittance into graduate school.
  • Get Informed: Read all about applying to graduate school, browse student blogs, and find out how to survive grad school.
  • Graduate School Guide: Learn detailed information about grad schools, degree programs, and how to pay for it all.
  • Graduate School Magazine: Check out the 45th edition of the Graduate Guide Magazine.
  • Peterson's Online: Find the right school for you, learn about test prep and practice tips, and get prepared.
  • Princeton Review: Information about test preparation, private tutoring options, and admissions requirements.
  • Kaplan Test Prep: Learn all about the different admissions tests and find free graduate school entrance exam materials. Sign up for courses aimed at helping you improve your exam scores.

*Note: Some programs list important statistics such as applicants received per year, number of new students accepted in past years, average GRE scores of accepted applicants, retention rate, internship/residency/postdoc placement rate, and average years in the program. Look for this information and determine where you stand before applying.