Career and Professional Development Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Statement

The leaders and staff of Stetson University’s Office of Career & Professional Development (CaPD) strongly affirm our ongoing commitment to values, goals, and actions that promote and further diversity, equity, and inclusion at the university and beyond. Our office diligently works with you, the students and alumni of Stetson University, to ensure each of you makes forward movement toward fulfilling professional aspirations and attaining positive career and social mobility after graduation. We are committed to helping you identify and launch career and professional journeys that celebrate your unique and intersecting identities through the following:

  • Through ongoing and extensive DEI training, reflecting on why and how our staff identities impact programs and serving in influential leadership roles, all CaPD staff are fully committed to expanding anti-racist and ally-ship behaviors, developing cross-cultural competencies, and championing just and equitable outcomes.
    • Currently and over the past three years, CaPD staff have held roles that positively influence and support DEI initiatives on and off-campus including Co-Chair of Stetson’s Campus Life and Student Success Inclusion Team, Member of Stetson’s Grievance Council, Stetson Title IX Investigator, Director of Member Services for the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers, President-Elect/President/Past President of the Florida Association of Colleges and Employers (FL-ACE), and Director of Communication and Marketing for FL-ACE.
    • Through professional associations, through Stetson University, and through initiatives, we have pursued on our own, our CaPD staff continue to actively seek out training and personal and professional development opportunities related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each month during this past academic year, our staff conducted in-depth discussions about diversity, equity, or inclusion readings directly related to our students and the field of college career services. This year, we plan to have a facilitator conduct a reflective exercise and rich discussion regarding our racial identity development. These are only two examples of the many individuals and departmental DEI goals we have set for ourselves and for the Office of Career & Professional Development.
    • Acknowledging our privilege and implicit biases, we resolutely commit to fighting racial inequities and systems of injustice. Through hiring Career Peers and EDGE Program Staff and recruiting Career Peer Teaching Assistant volunteers to reflect the diversity of our student body, our hope over time is that CaPD’s drop-in area and offices will be welcoming and inviting spaces for students of all identities and backgrounds.
    • Recognizing that career readiness is a social justice issue, we continue to raise funds for programs that improve social capital for our students with financial barriers and ultimately launch these students on a path of upward career and social mobility.
      • We have raised $50,863 for the Internship Impact Fund from individual and corporate donors over 14 years with an additional $14,750 from Stetson’s Student Government Association over the past 2 years. Our experience has been higher financial need students secure unpaid internships more often than their lower need counterparts. The Internship Impact Fund supports these students in pursuing critical internship experiences through offsetting the expense of doing so. From the research, we know internship experience positively impacts the long-term career and social mobility of our graduates.
      • The second EDGE Program is currently underway. Over the past three years we have raised $77,304 for the EDGE Program to provide extensive professional and career readiness training, networking, and mentoring for over 60 financially challenged students.
      • Fostering productive and beneficial networks with students, their parents/families, faculty, staff, employers, alumni, and friends of the University to engage the Stetson career community in inclusive excellence.
        • Next year, our staff are implementing a series for all students involving employers and alumni discussing how to research and evaluate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workplace initiatives and proactively consider issues and questions that may arise during the job/internship search.
        • This series will be guided by input from a new student advisory board consisting of representatives from multicultural organizations, athletics, the Student Government Association, and other diverse student organizations. This board will also provide ideas and recommendations to CaPD for other current and future initiatives.
        • Preparing you to explore and act on your career goals and to contribute your diverse ideas, expressions, interests, strengths, personal traits, and values to the world. As your career team, we collaborate with you in making those goals a reality.

We welcome you to take full advantage of our virtual services, programs, and resources page and log in to HatterJobs to view job openings and schedule an appointment. Your continuous feedback and engagement with our office is essential to Career & Professional Development's mission of empowering and challenging students and alumni to reach their professional aspirations.

With a deep concern for our diverse students at the forefront of our minds, we are working with the Stetson community to create an increasingly supportive, inviting, and inclusive environment. Go, Hatters!