Digital Literacy

Leverage existing technologies to ethically and legally solve problems, complete tasks and accomplish goals. Demonstrate effective adaptability to new and emerging technologies within one’s field.

Improve Your Digital Literacy Competency

Describe Your Digital Literacy Competency for Employers and Grad Schools

  • Effectively solve statistical, mathematical, financial or computational problems using digital tools
  • Research, evaluate, and apply digital information and communication tools
  • Learn new technology confidently and independently in the creation of original work
  • Understand and ethically resolve privacy, security, accessibility, and identity-management issues associated with the integration of digital literacy into my everyday life
  • Assess sources of information for reliability and accuracy
  • Use technologies responsibly, ethically and legally
  • Adapt digital tools for new purposes
  • Keep up-to-date with evolving technologies and the digital landscape related to my field

Rubrics to Assess Digital Literacy Learning