Teaching Abroad

Careers of Significance

It takes courage to live a life of significance. At Stetson University, we dare our students to rise to their potential and avoid the path of least resistance. We dare them to find their passion, to live to the best of their ability and to never look back and wonder what could have been. We dare them to make the lasting change humanity desperately needs and to enrich the lives of others. Every day at Stetson University, we dare our students to push beyond success and pursue significance - and they do. Individuals in high-impact careers engage in community engagement, civic leadership and social entrepreneurship, and can work in a variety of contexts: nonprofit organizations, schools, government agencies, and community and faith-based groups.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students and alumni of Stetson University to align the university's core value of personal and social responsibility with professional interests and skills to explore and obtain high-impact significant careers.


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