Significant Employee

A Significant Education for a Significant Life

Dare To Be Significant

It takes courage for significance. To fly in the face of average and say: "I will not settle for mediocrity." At Stetson, we dare our students to rise to their potential and avoid the path of least resistance. We dare them to find their passion, to live to the best of their ability and to never look back and wonder what could have been. We dare them to make the world a better place and enrich the lives of others. Every day at Stetson, we dare our students to push beyond success and pursue significance - and the amazing thing is, they do.

Highly Sought After Employees

Stetson graduates are highly sought after by employers, competitive graduate schools across the country and service organizations worldwide. A survey of the class of 2012 reveals the significant impact Stetson University graduates are having on society.

In fact, 78 percent of survey respondents reported they were employed, enrolled in graduate school, volunteering for a service organization or actively pursuing their life's passion.

Where do Stetson's graduates go to work?

Highly Sought After Employees collage

Our Graduates Are Everywhere

You might be surprised where you will find Stetson University graduates.

Graduate school is the ultimate destination for nearly one-third (33 percent) of Stetson graduates. And that's a good thing because an SU experience uniquely prepares graduates to lead lives of significance. From Duke to Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins to Oxford, you'll find Stetson grads changing the world.

Our Graduates Are Everywhere

Transforming Education Into Opportunity

Education turns into opportunities, connections into careers - the value of an academic internship in today's workplace can't be overstated. We live in challenging times, and having a quality education coupled with real-world experience is often the catalyst that launches careers. At Stetson, 73 percent of the graduating class of 2012 reported that they participated in an internship during their academic career.

For more information on Stetson University's outlook on the value of education, see President Wendy B. Libby's recent op-ed, Beyond Access and Affordability: An Education of High Value