Student Success Center

Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

What is Stetson SSC?

Stetson University's Student Success Collaborative is a software platform used to promote student success on the DeLand campus. It provides faculty and staff with a variety of information and features to support their work to increase student retention and persistence to graduation. SSC also provides students with a resource hub to find tutoring and book appointments for a variety of services across campus.


Although SSC is designed to be a very intuitive interface, online user guides are available for members of the Stetson community. Additionally, a training environment website is available for users to test the system's features and functionality. Support is available from members of Campus Life and Student Success. Simply contact 386.822.7127 and ask for Stephanie, Aaron, or Colin. You may also email [email protected] with any Stetson SSC questions or to request a group training session.