RaiseMe Success Resources

Stetson is here for you. In cases of emergency, contact Stetson Public Safety at 386.822.7300. For non-emergency matters, emailing studentsuccess@stetson.edu is a great way to ask a question or seek assistance if you are unsure of who specifically can assist. Also, any employee of Stetson University would be happy to assist you in connecting with the person who can best address what you need to be successful and thrive at Stetson.

Social Connections

Engage is the primary platform to use to find student clubs and organizations. Whether you’re looking for cultural organizations, sports based, or anything else in-between, there are likely to be other Hatters who share your interests.

Stetson clubs, organizations, and departments have a vibrant social media presence. From virtual or in-person events to weekly meetings, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more are great ways to Stay Connected.

The Stetson Event Calendar is an excellent way to find upcoming opportunities. Whether it is the Life and Faith Discussion, the Expressive Paint Night, or the CoRadio Open Mic Night, campus (both physical and virtual) is full of things to do.

  • Tips for attending events:
    • Bring someone else. It could be a friend, classmate, the person down the hall from you, or just someone you passed by in the Palm Court. Don’t have someone to go with, that’s okay. Find someone who looks friendly at the event and ask them if they are having a good time. Strike up a conversation about the event, their Stetson experience, or the weather. Making new friends is not always easy, but you’ve done it before and can do it again.

If you’re looking for something a little more structured, sign up for Leadership Engagement Coaching. This 30-minute session will help offer you one-on-one guidance on how to find and capitalize on the opportunities available at Stetson.

The staff in Student Development and Campus Vibrancy are excellent points of contact to help you make social connections as a Hatter!

Living Situation

Living with other people can be hard. Check out these resources the staff in Residential Living & Learning have curated to support your feeling as comfortable as possible where you live:

The staff in Residential Living & Learning are excellent points of contact to help you with on-campus living situations.

The staff in Student Development and Campus Vibrancy are excellent points of contact to support your experience as a commuter student.


Money can be a significant source of stress. Please explore these resources the staff in Student Financial Planning have compiled to support your efforts to manage your finances and secure additional resources where available:

If you are struggling to finance your Stetson education, a worthwhile first step is to submit a Financial Aid Review Form online. If your financial situation has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, a specific COVID-19 Related Request Form is available.

The staff in Student Financial Planning are excellent points of contact to help you with financing your Stetson education.

Academic Performance

Your academics are the primary reason you are at Stetson. Keeping up with your coursework and getting the most out of your classes is critical to success. The staff in Academic Success has curated a list of learning tools that can assist you improving your academic skills.

  • Students in years past have found the resources in the Time Management and Procrastination section, as well as the Note Taking Strategies section to be particularly helpful.
  • Academic Success has also developed a quick guide of Strategies for Online Learning.

Tutoring and SPI (Stetson Peer Instruction) are excellent ways to connect with students who know the disciplinary material and are trained to assist you with fully grasping the course content. Success Coaching allows you to meet with a trained peer or professional staff member who can help with more general academic skill building, and remember that visiting your professor’s office hours (in-person or virtually) is always a great idea whether for course content or general skill development.

The staff in Academic Success are excellent points of contact to help you master the learning objectives in your courses and earn the grades you seek.

Future Career and Graduate School Preparation

Doing a few things in your first semester can go a long way in effectively preparing yourself for and alleviating stress about your future after Stetson. The staff in Career and Professional Development have gathered a host of resources you can use to address preparation for your future:

In addition to informational interviewing and job shadowing, applying for a micro-internship is a great way to learn about a field and gain practical experience.

The staff in Career and Professional Development are excellent points of contact to help you take the steps today that the you getting ready for graduation as a senior will sincerely appreciate.

Major Change/Choice

Whether you have declared your major or not, choosing your primary area of academic focus during college can be challenging. It can also, however, be an exciting opportunity. Through a partnership between Career and Professional Development and Academic Advising, resources for choosing a major have been collected for you:

The staff in Academic Advising, your faculty advisor (listed on your Degree Audit), and the department chairs in the academic departments are all excellent points of contact to help you explore the majors that Stetson has to offer.

If you have questions about what you can do with your major, the staff in Career and Professional Development can help you explore your career options - there are more than you think.

Close Personal Relationships

Sometimes the people are closest to and care most about can bring stress into our lives. Siblings, parents, other relatives, significant others, and best friends all create impactful relationships with us. It is great when that impact is positive, but at times it can be challenging. The staff in Student Counseling Services and Wellness and Recreation have partnered to bring together a collection of resources to assist you with managing those powerful relationships in your life:

Major Social Issues


The global pandemic has changed our world and how we interact with it. Staff in Campus Life and Student Success (CLaSS) have compiled some helpful resources to assist with some of the more common concerns related to being a college student at this time:

Racial Equity

While the struggle for racial equity is by no means new, issues of combatting racial injustice have been at the fore of the national conversation this year. The staff in Diversity and Inclusion have curated several resources to assist you in learning about and taking action related to racial justice:

General Stress Management

Sometimes we may not even be sure what is causing our stress, we are just stressed out. Other times, we know what the source is but we simply are not in a position at the moment to resolve the issue. Staff across CLaSS have identified some healthy coping skill resources that can assist you in general stress management: