RaiseMe Success Program

Welcome to the Stetson RaiseMe Success Program: a partnership with Campus Logic's RaiseMe platform designed to reward students for engaging in behaviors that promote academic excellence, social connection, and personal development. Students who may need some additional support to thrive at Stetson are invited to participate in this program during their first year of enrollment at the university. Those who accept the invitation to participate and claim their RaiseMe account are given incentives in the form of additional one-time scholarship dollars for their sophomore year at Stetson up to $1,500. These activities range attending a tutoring session, to joining a student club or organization, to completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on time.

Questions about the Stetson RaiseMe Success Program can be directed to the Director of Assessment and Operational Effectiveness for Campus Life and Student Success, Colin MacFarlane, at studentsuccess@stetson.edu.