RaiseMe Success Program FAQ

How are students selected for the program? 

Stetson works with data analysts from RaiseMe to identify incoming students who may need additional support to thrive at Stetson based on a number of pre-college academic and personal factors.

How does the money work? 

Participants are presented with various opportunities to earn micro-scholarships by completing tasks related to success at Stetson. Each successfully completed task by its deadline results in banking a certain dollar amount towards a one-time scholarship on top of existing awards for the upcoming academic year. Participants must bank a minimum of $500 to earn the scholarship and are capped at a maximum of $1,500 (earnings, when combined with other grant-aid, cannot exceed the the cost of tuition).

Participants who earn the $500 minimum, re-enroll at Stetson for the subsequent fall semester, apply for and remain eligible for institutional financial aid, and maintain satisfactory academic progress, will have their RaiseMe award applied evenly between their fall and spring semester aid disbursement.

How are the micro-scholarship activities selected? 

The leadership of Campus Life and Student Success, in consultation with partners at RaiseMe, identified activities associated with success and selected those to be among the activities available for micro-scholarships. These activities focus on academic, social and institutional aspects of thriving at Stetson. The program managers and data scientists at RaiseMe then use their analytics to tailor a micro-scholarship menu for each participant designed to personalize their pathway to success.

How are activities verified? 

The overwhelming majority of activities are verified by some form of input from the participant following the activity. This may be answering a reflection question, providing a piece of information acquired during the activity, uploading a selfie, or other form of verification. Some micro-scholarships are then cross-referenced with institutional records to confirm completion, such as submission of the FAFSA or completion of Advising Labs. It may take up to 10 business days for a submitted activity to be processed.

Who do I go to with further questions? 

Questions can be directed to the Director of Assessment and Operational Effectiveness in Campus Life and Student Success, Colin MacFarlane, at studentsuccess@stetson.edu.