Approved Leave or University Exit from Stetson University

The decision to leave Stetson University isn't an easy one to make. It's our sincere hope that we're able to partner with you and retain you as a member of the Stetson University community. However, if you decide to leave the institution on a temporary or permanent basis, we ask you to complete the forms and processes as outlined below.

Stetson University's procedures require that you complete the Approved Leave or University Exit Form. This form is for students who are currently enrolled at Stetson University who do not intend to register for the next regular (fall or spring) semester and/or intend to permanently exit the university. By completing this form you indicate that you will be completing the current semester if courses are currently in session.

Important Note

The leave of absence process doesn't apply to students who wish to withdraw from a course or courses currently in session. If you wish to withdraw from the current term, please refer to the Withdrawing from Stetson University page.

Also, the leave of absence process doesn't apply to students who wish to drop a course or courses. Students have until the end of the first week of each semester to drop courses without financial penalty. Students may change their registration for most courses online, using the registration PIN provided by their faculty advisor. The exact dates for each term's add/drop period are published in the academic calendar.

Steps in the Approved Leave or University Exit Process

Step 1

If you intend to take a leave from Stetson University during a fall or spring semester that has not already started, complete the Approved Leave or University Exit form. Immediately after this form is submitted, please click the "Continue" link to be directed to the Exit Interview page. Your responses to the exit interview form are valued and will help us continually improve Stetson to meet the needs of the students.

Step 2

After your Approved Leave or University Exit forms have been submitted online, it is a good idea to log into your My Stetson account and drop any courses for which you are registered. You should also let your advisor know about your plan to take time off and indicate if you plan to return.

Student Success will receive an email of your Approved Leave or University Exit form and will request that the Office of the Registrar update your academic status.

Step 3 (residential students only)

If you're a residential student, please contact your resident assistant or the Office of Residential Living and Learning (located in the main office of University Hall; reachable by phone at 386-822-7201) to discuss that you won't be returning during a fall or spring semester.

Step 4 (financial aid students only)

You may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 386-822-7120 and the Office of the Bursar at 386-822-7052 to ensure all of your financial obligations are in order.