Intellectual Development

Daring Mighty Things

Stetson's mission is to provide an education in a creative community where learning and values meet in order to foster in students the qualities of mind and heart that will fully prepare them to become informed and engaged citizens of the world. This encompasses the following:

Personal Growth encompasses the understanding that no single formula defines the journey to personal success, but that passion, the drive to increase self-knowledge and the quest for balance are important tools in this process. Intercultural competence, religious and spiritual exploration, self-awareness and wellness are components of personal growth.

Intellectual Development is a commitment from the university and from students to achieve excellence in academics, to foster the spirit of exploration that drives an engaged and active mind, to cultivate rigorous methods of academic inquiry, to model and support absolute integrity and to value creativity and professionalism.

Global Citizenship is an important part of Stetson's mission to prepare students to be informed, active, and engaged citizens of both local communities and the world. Global citizenship includes university and individual commitments to community engagement, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility and social justice.

The business of Stetson University is to prepare today's students for a future we can anticipate but cannot know. In the face of inevitable uncertainty and change, we seek to be unbounded by existing practice and supposition, driven by possibility rather than paralyzed by doubt.