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Other student resources and services can be found at the Student Resources and Services portal.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center provides opportunities to students to help them reach their individual goals by ensuring equal access and skills-based coaching and tutoring. Its programs include success coaching, academic improvement and tutoring.

Career and Professional Development

The Office of Career and Professional Development empowers and challenges students and alumni to reach their professional aspirations. The office offers guidance, programs and services to support every student achieving professional success.

Community Standards

Stetson University endeavors to provide a living and learning environment in which students can meet their academic goals. The Office of Community Standards sets and enforces the Code of Community Standards, which govern how everyone on campus is expected to behave in order to facilitate that goal. The office also provides reporting mechanisms for violations of these and other standards.

Dining Services

Dining Services provides and supports all of Stetson University's on-campus dining locations.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion, facilitated by the Cross Cultural Center, foster students' awareness of and appreciation for diversity, global issues and social justice through open cross-cultural dialogue, workshops, awareness campaigns and intentional high-impact programming of both an educational and social nature. The Cross Cultural Center includes:

Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness encompasses the health of students' minds and bodies, and provides activities and programs centered around wellness and recreation intended to help students relax and enjoy life outside the classroom. Holistic Wellness includes:

Residential Living and Learning

The Department of Residential Living and Learning provides a safe and engaging living space for resident students to call their home away from home.

Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety is committed to providing Stetson University with a safe environment, allowing for an enjoyable experience for our students, faculty and staff. Public Safety is also an important campus resource for safety concerns and parking information.

Student Development and Campus Vibrancy

Student Development and Campus Vibrancy's mission is to engage students in meaningful and values-driven activities. It includes the following areas:

Student Success

The mission of Student Success is to foster an integrative learning environment to support and challenge students to lead a life of significance. At Stetson University, personal wellness and academic success are inextricably connected, and Student Success' goal is to provide students with the necessary opportunities and resources to actualize their highest potential and flourish both inside and outside of the Stetson University community. Student Success includes the following areas: