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Inside the Classroom: Family Enterprise Center 

  • Join Dr. Areti Vogel, Professor of Practice in Management and Interim Director of the Family Enterprise Center, as she discusses the revitalization of Stetson's Family Enterprise Center. Dr. Vogel will cover what the program does for its students and upcoming events. She will also discuss the culture that underscores family business. Watch now! 

Inside the Classroom: The Impact of the Pandemic on the Sports Industry

  • Join Stetson University faculty members Libba Galloway, Scott Jones, and Sara Gramata for a discussion on the impact of a pandemic on the sports industry, what it means for future students looking to break into the industry, and how faculty at Stetson will adjust in the classroom to prepare students for this change. Libba, Scott, and Sara lead Stetson University's Sport Business program, with courses focusing on Introduction to Sport Business, Sports Law, Sports Marketing, Internship in Sport Business, Sports Sponsorships and Properties, and more. Watch now!

Inside the Classroom: PaCE Program

  • Join Stetson University Executive Director of Professional and Corporate Education, Bud Hanson, for a discussion on the continued learning experiences the PaCE program offers to alumni of the university. Stetson's professional education program provides working adults from across industries with the tools, frameworks and knowledge needed to lead and excel in their chosen profession. Relevant to today's local workforce, our course offerings include over a dozen non-degree programs in leadership, strategy, sales, finance and marketing - as well as multiple certificate paths and customized program opportunities. Watch now!

Inside the Classroom: Human Resource Management

  • Join Stetson University faculty and Assistant Professor of Human Resources Management Juanne Greene as she discusses Stetson's new Human Resource Management major as well as the importance of Employee Behavior, Employee Engagement, and Motivation. Watch now!

Inside the Classroom: Entrepreneurship

  • Join Stetson faculty and Assistant Director of the Prince Entrepreneurship Program Lou Paris for a discussion on the topic of Entrepreneurship. Watch now!

Inside the Classroom: Design Thinking

  • Join Dr. John Tichenor as he discusses design thinking and how he has challenged students to learn about and apply design thinking to the urgent, messy, and unavoidable context of designing their job and career. Dr Tichenor will talk about how evaluating your values, interests, personalities, strengths, and skills, and learn how they connect to academic programs and professional opportunities. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: 4 Tips to Navigate the Job Hunt

  • In today’s job and internship market, it takes more than just a degree, resume, and some basic skills to jump-start your career. You have to find ways to make yourself stand out through networking, utilizing all available resources, building connections, and being a creative problem solver! Successful business development leader Anna Sirmeyer ‘03 will give you four tips to launch your career. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: Landing Your First Job

  • Join Chase Coleman '16 as he discusses strategies on how to land your first job out of college. Chase will talk about creating your personal brand, showcasing your hard and soft skill during the job hunt, and building your network. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: Resumes and Cover Letters 101

  • Join John Sheehy, Stetson's career development coordinator as he discusses tips and tricks to get your resume and cover letter ready to land a job interview. He will show us how to on create continuity in your application documents and articulate your skills while highlighting the outcomes of your experiences. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: Micro-Internships

  • Join Lee Murray ’01, CEO and founder of Signal Media, as he discusses everything you need to know about excelling during a micro-internship! Lee will bring his internship-management experience to share tips on how to make the most of a micro-internship and impress your boss quickly during the short-term opportunity. Watch now!

 Webinar Wednesday: Networking Etiquette

  • Building and navigating your professional network can be a daunting task. Join Walker Hobson as he discusses best practices for networking and takes through the preparation processes all the way through how to conduct follow-up. By the end of this webinar you will know how to create and maintain professional relationships by networking, and understand the long-term benefits of your network. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: The Art of Interviewing

  • Join Trish Harper '06 as she shares her tips and tricks to get you through the whole interview process. Trish will talk about how to prepare for interviews, research the company, answer common interview questions, and conduct follow-up after the interview. She will also be taking questions live! Be sure to tune in to ace your next interview. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: Change Management

  • Join Allyne Ettner '09 change practitioner and strategist as she takes us through the process of change management and how it can positively impact your organization and team or drive your individual goal. Allyne will not only talk about what change management is but also how to lead as a change manager. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: Passion to Profession

  • Join Makeda Smith ’15 as she talks about how to turn your passion into a profession. She learned about her love of art at Stetson and has found a way to launch a business while still working as a third grade teacher in Washington D.C. During her presentation, Makeda will share resources that propelled her own business, help student understand their personal "why", and teach how to set achievable business goals. Watch Now!

Webinar Wednesday: How to Achieve Self-Security Post COVID-19

  • Experts proclaimed COVID-19 was the great equalizer and there is no denying that it is an unprecedented event that will force us to rethink our “new normal for the decade to come.” As we prepare for life after COVID-19, it will be essential that we not only analyze and change health safeguards, but also construct financial safeguards. Now, more than ever corporations are adjusting their business models and professionals must adapt from the traditional “Job Security” thought process to a more intentional “Self-Security” paradigm. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to successfully transition to part-time entrepreneur while navigating your professional career. Watch Now!

Webinar Wednesday: How to Successfully Launch a Product or Service from Start to Finish

  • Is it your dream to launch your own product or service & don’t know where to start? Well, now is your chance, this is a must-attend Mastermind series to bring your dream to reality! There are fundamental best practices and common pain points you should know before embarking on costly endeavors to bring your brand to market. One of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the consumer goods industry and Stetson alumna, Sherrel Sampson ’07, Founder & CEO of Canviiy, will offer an insightful roadmap on how to successfully launch your brand and essential pitfalls to avoid. Watch Now!

Being an LGBTQ+ Ally

  • As Pride Month wraps up, come learn with Jessica Day, Safe Zone Ally and Associate Director for Residential Education and Community Programs as she discusses being an LGBTQ+ ally. She will talk on the history of the community, pronouns, active ally tips and more resources. Watch now!

What's Happening, Hatters? with Rina Arroyo

  • Stetson staff member Rina Arroyo invites you to join her for an evening of connecting with fellow Stetson alumni, parents, and friends before Rina shares her top books for motivation and inspiration. Rina is currently the Assistant Vice President for Development and Alumni Engagement. Watch now!

Danny Mejía ’19 Facebook Live Concert

  • Stetson alumnus Danny Mejía ’19 joins the Alumni Association for a concert to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month! Mejía, President of the Student Government Association while a student, as well as a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity and the Stetson Men's Choir, is thrilled to be reconnecting with the Stetson community for this concert! Watch Now!

Coffee and Conversation with Roger Hughes

  • Stetson University Head Football Coach Roger Hughes invites you to join him for an afternoon discussion on how he is preparing for the upcoming 2020 season! Coach Hughes also wants to hear from you and check in with all of our Hatters! Watch now!

Coffee and Conversation with the Alumni Staff

  • Join the Alumni Engagement team as it provide an update on what is currently happening around the DeLand campus, event plans for the fall, as well as an update on all things Homecoming 2020. Watch now!

Coffee and Conversation with Jeff Taylor

  • Jeff Taylor, Stetson University's Director of Broadcasting, invites you to join him for a discussion on Stetson Broadcast Productions, Stetson's partnership with ESPN, and opportunities for current students to become involved in broadcast productions! Jeff will share how the broadcast program has developed since being introduced, and what the future of broadcasting Stetson events looks like! Watch now!

Mindfulness Monday: Managing Stress

  • Join Stetson alumnus and senior behavioral organizational consultant Dr. Mark Freeman MS '91, for a discussion on how to handle stress, get motivated, and remain positive during a time of crisis. Mark works closely with Stetson University in the development and implementation of staff leadership development sessions. Mark has also worked with many leadership teams to develop their talent and was instrumental in developing the Rollins College Leadership Academy, as well as the leadership program at Seminole State College. Watch now!

Webinar Wednesday: Strengths Finders 

  • Join Stetson's Assistant Director for Student Development and Campus Vibrancy, Lizzie Dement, to understand CliftonStrengths and how to apply them in the workplace and classroom. We will discuss domains of strengths, and how to work with people who have different strengths. Watch now!

Mindfulness Monday: Balancing the Family Dynamic in Uncertain Times

  • Join Stetson alumnus and senior behavioral organizational consultant Mark Freeman MS '91, for a second workshop, with discussion driven towards balancing the family dynamic during the pandemic. Mark works closely with Stetson University in the development and implementation of staff leadership development sessions. Mark has also worked with many leadership teams to develop their talent and was instrumental in developing the Rollins College Leadership Academy, as well as the leadership program at Seminole State College. Watch now!

 Webinar Wednesday: Balancing Your Wellness 

  • Join Michele Skelton ’84 and Stetson’s Associate Professor of Health Sciences as she discusses how to maintain your well being during a time of crisis through nutrition. Dr. Skelton will talk about the seven dimensions of wellness, how to keep them balanced and their importance. Watch now!

Leadership Values Workshop

  • Stetson University Head Men's Basketball Coach Donnie Jones shares leadership values, and what leading a team, especially in a time of crisis, looks like. Donnie was introduced as the 22nd Men's Basketball Head Coach in Stetson history on April 1, 2019. Jones comes to Stetson following a one-year stint as assistant coach at Dayton. The former head coach at UCF (2010-16) and Marshall (2007-10), Jones has also served as an assistant at Pikeville, Marshall, Wichita State, and Florida, helping lead the Gators to a pair of national championships. Watch now!

Relationships & Communication

  • Stetson University Head Men's Basketball Coach Donnie Jones shares expertise on the importance of strong relationships and communication, and how they impact your ability to be a leader. Watch now!


  • Stetson University Head Men's Basketball Coach Donnie Jones discusses building a successful team around you, and why strong teamwork and collaboration are important. Watch Now!

Understanding Healthcare Benefits 

  • Healthcare Benefit Advocate, Dr. Deanna Carol Smith, invites you to join her for a discussion on how to handle the appeals process, when it comes to medical bills or denial of treatment. With 20 years experience in the medical field, Deanna fights for patients who need help. Watch Now!

Fostering Resiliency in a Pandemic: Impact of Mental Health Supports for Children, Families, and Educators

  • Jessica McIntyre '09 and '12 discusses the impact of mental health support for children, families, and educators during a pandemic. Jessica currently serves as one of two Mental Health Specialists for Volusia County Schools Mental Wellness and Crisis Intervention Teams. Watch Now!

Caring for COVID-19

  • Dr. Bill Brady ’12, shares firsthand experience what it is like caring for a patient with a severe case of COVID-19. Dr. Brady is currently in his 3rd year of post-graduate training at the University of Toledo in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is passionate in helping others reach their maximum potential as well as pursuing the development of innovative therapies for use in musculoskeletal medicine. Watch Now!

 Yoga For Your Lunch Break with Carly Badke ’09

  • Stetson alumna Carly Badke ’09 invites you to join her for a yoga instruction! Carly completed her yoga instructor certificate in 2017 and has just recently launched a virtual yoga studio! Carly's mission in teaching yoga is to promote happiness and freedom, from South Austin, Texas, to all beings everywhere! She looks forward to breathing, moving, and sharing with you on the virtual mat. Watch Now!