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Greenfeather 2020

A long-held tradition at Stetson University, Greenfeather originated in 1952 as an autumn carnival where students raised funds for local charities. Over the decades, Greenfeather has expanded to a weeklong event that brings awareness to philanthropy and issues surrounding the DeLand community.

In recent years, Greenfeather has merged into our annual Homecoming week to bring the event some needed spirit. During this week, Stetson students, faculty, staff, and alumni come together to help raise money for a capacity building project at a local non-profit organization. This year, our goal is to raise $12,000 for the selected non-profit!

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Greenfeather 2021

The Greenfeather Grant Recipients for this year are Hispanic Health Initiatives and Community Education Project.

Hispanic Health Initiatives' mission is to educate, advocate for and connect medically underserved individuals and families to services available in their community, by disseminating accurate information in a culturally sensitive and linguistically competent manner. Some of their services include measuring blood glucose and cholesterol, and various testing, to perform health risk assessments. The Greenfeather Grant will be utilized towards funding a mobile medical unit, where they will be able to serve community members across Central Florida more accessibly.

More information about HHI can be found here:

The Community Education Project a multidisciplinary college in prison program at Stetson University committed to offering quality liberal arts education and learning opportunities in Florida prisons. Access to a liberal arts education offers incarcerated individuals meaningful opportunities for personal growth and intellectual engagement, which benefits our community as a whole. The Greenfeather Grant will be utilized towards funding a prison community garden, in which students will learn and discuss oppression within the food systems, and this garden is a means of liberation and education for life within and beyond the prison walls.

More information about CEP can be found here:

Due to the unique circumstances of this year because of COVID-19, in an effort to have a more successful and engaging Greenfeather experience, we have extended Greenfeather 2020 into 2021, now concluding in November of 2021! 

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If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at [email protected]