Nadesha Phipps

Nadesha Phipps

A Stetson alumnus, Nadesha Phipps graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s in health science. A Bonner Scholar throughout her four years at Stetson, Nadesha assumed the role as a teacher aid for one year at George Marks Elementary School and an intern for three years at AdventHealth Community Care; an organization dedicated to helping those in the community regarding their holistic health. Nadesha was also a part of Student Ambassadors where she gave tours to students and families, helped work open houses, and told her Stetson story along the way. Nadesha ended her career at Stetson by being the recipient of the Health Sciences Scholarship and Service Award, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award and by being named one of five outstanding seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences. Nadesha has a passion for serving others and enjoys the little things in life.

“The community here at Stetson University is one like no other. Being the youngest of three and never having to be on my own, I was nervous about coming to Stetson. But once I arrived, all of my worries disappeared. I was immersed into the Stetson culture, and in turn, I was challenged intellectually and pushed to grow both personally and professionally. As a result, I evolved into the person that I am today and am forever grateful. The Stetson community has given so much to me and now I want to return the favor. Being at Stetson is a unique and once in a lifetime experience, and I want to assist students in making it their reality.”

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