Estefania Ospina

Estefania Ospina

Estefania graduated from Stetson University in the Fall of 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She aspires to become an immigration lawyer and be an advocate for immigrant communities. During her time at Stetson, she founded the current Latinx Student Union with hopes of bringing together the Latin community on campus, while also show casing Latin culture and heritage to our Stetson family. While at Stetson, Estefania was involved in the WISE programed which is dedicated to helping underserved communities succeed during their Stetson career. Estefania is dedicated in helping the next generation of Hatters find a community within Stetson.

“The WISE program was a pilar for me during my Stetson career, without the program I would not have found my passion for helping incoming students find their home within Stetson. Through WISE I was able to work with individuals to form the current Latinx Student Union. I can confidently say that Stetson has increased my self-knowledge while also fostering engagement with social justice and academic achievement.”

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