Paths to Significance

Choosing a college isn't just about the four years on campus; it's also about creating success with significance every day for the rest of your life. We call this the "Outcome" of your Stetson University education. Strange as it may seem, it's important to think beyond college even in the early stages of deciding which university is best for you. What opportunities will await you? Is graduate school part of the equation? What options do you have? Stetson University will assist you in making the right decision for your future.

There are thousands of paths to significance. What will yours be?

Dane Moran

Dane Moran

Biochemistry '12

Baltimore, Md.

Moran is a medical student at The Johns Hopkins University pursuing his M.D.

Moran's reflection on his Stetson experience:

"The professors who teach the prerequisites for medical school at Stetson University are truly world class. The help and guidance that were at my disposal through being a pre-med student enabled me to secure a place at one of the world's leading medical schools. Most importantly, I learned that while an outstanding G.P.A. and M.C.A.T. score are required to get into medical school, they mean nothing without extensive and sustained community service, shadowing, research, leadership development and being able to develop a strong, cogent and genuine 'story' as to why you want to become a doctor."

Loyal Pyczynski

Loyal Pyczynski

Finance '02

Orlando, Fla.

Pyczynski is a senior program manager for Military Aerospace & Defense Contractor at Rockwell Collins.

Pyczynski completed the 2010 Ironman World Championship, Physically Challenged division, in Kona, Hawaii. He is a two-time IRONMAN and member of Team USA Paratriathlon. He now has his sights set on competing at the Paralympic Games in 2016, since for the first time the triathlon will now be included.

"Larry Belcher, PhD and John Rasp, PhD are undoubtedly world-class professors. The commitment they gave each student was undeniable. They were equally captivating and exude confidence. They know how to engender success," he says of his Stetson University experience.

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill

Environmental and Social Science '08

Byron Bay, Australia

Hill is an environmental and gender activist and writer who travels the world raising public awareness about conservation of oceans and beaches. She spends six months a year in Australia and four months traveling the world for her sponsors, Billabong and Bing surfboards.

"The incredible gift of Stetson University is the opportunity to form a one-on-one relationship with a professor," she says. "It is life-changing to have someone sit down and listen and understand what you're passionate about. For me, that was Tony Abbott, PhD (associate professor and chair of the Department of Geography and Environment Science). He was so encouraging, and he was able to push me academically."

Andrew Moedinger

Computer Science, Music Performance '07

Zürich, Switzerland

Moedinger is a tech lead on Gmail in the Google Zürich office, with recent projects including Priority Inbox and the Gmail visual redesign, and he continues to work hard to enhance the communication experience of Gmail's hundreds of millions of users.

"Stetson University was a wonderful environment for me in many ways, but two things in particular really stand out," he says. "First of all is the community; from supportive and challenging teachers to great fellow students, some of whom are still my best friends despite now being on the other side of the world, the relationships I developed at Stetson University have made a huge positive impact on me to this day. Second is the encouragement of a pursuit of excellence, from the many great concerts to the academic curriculum."

Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Political Science '05, Juris Doctorate '08

Miami, Fla.

Davis is currently an attorney with the Appellate Division of the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office.

Davis' reflection on his Stetson University experience:

"My Stetson University education instilled in me the confidence I needed to be a successful attorney. My professors really cared about my life goals and me as a person. The extracurricular opportunities I was involved with helped me hone the skills that I knew would make me a great lawyer. I could not be happier that I made the decision to attend Stetson University and then Stetson University College of Law."

Avantika Hari Agrawal

Digital Arts and Economics '02

Dubai, U.A.E.

Agrawal is the CEO and Founder of A Richer Lens, Ltd., a film production company based in Mumbai, India.

Agrawal is both writer and director for the film Land Gold Women. She conceptualized, wrote, directed and co-produced the award-winning 98-minute feature film in English and Urdu around the issue of "honor killing." Agrawal has received numerous film awards including The Accolade Humanitarian Award in 2011, awarded to a filmmaker for dedicated service to social justice, humanitarian causes or environmental issues. She was awarded India's National Film Award for Director of Best Film in English for Land Gold Women. She also won Best of Show at the Indie Film Festival and the Canada International Film Festival's "Royal Reel Award for Excellence in Filmmaking" for her film.

"My Stetson University education put me on the path to becoming a filmmaker," she says.

Matt Morton

Matt Morton

Political Science '06, Phi Beta Kappa

Washington, D.C.

Morton is currently a social scientist and development specialist at the World Bank and was previously special advisor to the commissioner of the U.S. Administration on Children, Youth & Families.

"My experience at Stetson University was transformative because it inspired my curiosity and my activism," he says. "I learned to ask a lot of questions and dig beneath the surface. At the same time, Stetson University gave me firsthand experience in applying research to action. Ever since, my life in research and public service has been defined by a commitment to tackling tough problems ranging from youth development to violence against women, but with a constant eye toward better understanding what works and what doesn't."

Peter J. Urscheler

Peter J. Urscheler

Marketing, minor in Management Information Systems '06

Philadelphia, Penn.

Urscheler is a communication and efficiency strategist in the Private Banking Unit at SEI Investments, a leading global provider of outsourced financial-service solutions.

"Over the years since leaving Stetson University," he says, "many external influences have shaped the world in which we live. In the finance industry, we were in a surplus, then a recession, then a deeper recession, and now slowly climbing out of recession. Many elements change, but the unshakable elements and skills that I acquired through my Stetson University education have not. Stetson University prepared me to tackle any situation or problem head-on in a thoughtful manner, defining me personally and professionally. Through Stetson University, I realize that every one moment is memorable, and each one can be as life-changing as I let it be."

Donovan Singletary

Donovan Singletary

Music Performance '06

New York, N.Y.

Singletary performed as Angelotti in the Metropolitan Opera's production of Tosca during the 2012-2013 season.

Singletary completed a three-year Lindemann Young Artist Development Program at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He has been engaged by the Seattle Opera, Fort Worth Opera (title role in Le Nozze di Figaro), Latvian National Opera, Orchestra Lamoreux in Paris, Deutsche Radio Philharmonic on German TV, in New York at Avery Fisher Hall and at the Met. He also enjoyed a George London Foundation Residency in Vienna, Austria.

"I heard great things about Stetson University's School of Music and decided to audition, not knowing how I would pay for it. Dr. Couch encouraged me to stay. He told me to work hard, and the money would be there. He was right," Singletary stresses.

Florencia Abelenda

Florencia Abelenda

Sociology '10

Orange County, Calif.

Abelenda is currently a quality evaluator in the Linguistics department for Google and was chosen for the 2010 Inspirational Women of the Millennium Award, Levi Strauss Co.

"If you can dream it, you can do it. Imagination and inspiration can take you anywhere you want," Abelenda declares. "Stetson University's Bonner Program was the perfect environment for me to grow as an individual alongside some truly inspiring people," she says.