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Campus Life

What's it like to be on campus? Anywhere you go on campus you'll find something amazing. You'll find professors who have conducted archaeological digs in Europe. You'll find fellow classmates from over 40 different countries. You'll find fraternities, sororities and over 100 student-run organizations. You'll find career and internship opportunities, and people who want to help you succeed. We welcome you to explore all that Stetson University has to offer.

Connect With Your Faculty

  • 95 percent of our faculty have PhD's or the equivalent in their field of expertise.
  • Our faculty-to-student ratio is 12-to-1.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities are at your fingertips.

Connect With the World

  • Students from over 40 different countries attend Stetson University.
  • One of our core values is global citizenship. Many of your academics will have a global focus, as our world becomes more and more connected.
  • You can take part in one of over 400 study abroad programs.

Connect With Your Campus Community