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Imagine studying the music of Brahms and Mozart while laying the groundwork for a masters degree in business administration. Imagine traveling the world when you participate in any one of nearly 400 study abroad programs. Imagine working side-by-side with your professors on groundbreaking research.

No matter where you go, college is a big change from high school. You'll have more options to choose from for classes. You'll constantly be out and about outside of the classroom making friends and lifelong memories. You'll engage with the community, either through community service, as part of a campus organization or as part of a class. Your college experience is what you make of it, and it's a big deal because it's your first step into a significant life.

Stetson University's academics are known to be rigorous. That being so, you'll have every resource at your disposal to help you succeed. But we're not trying to scare you. We're letting you know what you can do while you're here and what you'll get from a Stetson University education.

Most of all, though, we want you to be excited about pursuing a life of significance - every day - from the day you step onto campus.