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Tutoring and Stetson Peer Instruction (SPI)

Hybrid Services during COVID-19

Tutoring services will continue to be available to all students beginning Monday, August 23rd. 

All subjects will remain available and students can join their respective “team” where virtual sessions will be hosted at the regular listed times. You can access Microsoft Teams by going to the Microsoft 365 website and signing in with your Stetson email and Password. You can also download the desktop app and sign in the same way. Once logged in, click on the Teams link on the left column. Choose the Join or Create a Team link in the upper right corner. For tutoring students, you will now type SSC and hit enter and all of the available groups will appear and you will join the group(s) you wish to participate in. For SPI teams, please contact your individual SPI listed on the Academic Success website if you have additional questions. If you prefer a direct link to a specific Teams group please see below once Teams has been downloaded to your device:

* If students have difficulty searching for their session, please contact [email protected] or your respective tutor or SPI directly.

Tutoring and Stetson Peer Instruction (SPI)

Academic Success' tutoring services empower peer tutors with the skills to share their content-area knowledge and guide their peers toward independent academic achievement. Tutoring is provided to Stetson University students, faculty, staff, and alumni free of charge.

Please contact Academic Success at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about tutoring.

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Students can meet with a tutor to review principles, learn content-specific study strategies, and enhance content-area knowledge.

» Tutoring Hours and Locations

Stetson Peer Instruction (SPI)

The Stetson Peer Instruction (SPI) program is designed to assist students enrolled in the courses outlined below with course content, exam preparation, and study habits/skills. Each of the sessions below begins exactly at the time below and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

» SPI Hours and Locations

Athletic Tutoring

There is a study hall available for our NCAA Division 1 student-athletes in the Wilson Athletic Center. Tutors are also available at the Wilson Athletic Center and their hours are posted on our Student-Athlete tutoring page.

For more information or questions about academic support resources available to student-athletes, contact Athletics.

Adult Degree Completion Tutoring

In addition to the tutoring services offered to all Stetson University Students, Academic Success also offers tutoring services to students who are part of the Adult Degree Completion program.

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