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Pre-law students earn 2 degrees in 6 years

3+3Stetson’s Pre-Law Advisory Committee recently updated the requirements and benefits of the 3+3 plan to meet today’s student needs.

While most university curriculums require seven years for students to receive their bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degrees to become an attorney, Stetson University’s carefully crafted 3+3 program provides highly motivated and focused students a quicker and more financially advantageous way of obtaining both degrees.

Students in the recently revised accelerated program spend three years at Stetson University pursuing a liberal arts or business degree and then enter Stetson’s College of Law in their fourth year of study.

“This program is a very attractive impetus to choose Stetson University as an undergraduate program,” said T. Wayne Bailey, Ph.D., professor of political science and chair of Stetson’s Pre-Law Committee.

“Although demanding, studying only six instead of seven years, along with gaining two degrees, affords the student the saving of their fourth year of undergraduate tuition, helping them to start their legal careers much sooner and with less debt,” said Eric Kurlander, Ph.D., professor and chair of the history department and a member of the committee.

“This agreement between Stetson’s undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business Administration and the College of Law, represents the strong will of the faculty to support students who want to go into the legal profession and make their Stetson experience both rigorous and effectual,” said Dean of Stetson’s College of Arts and Sciences Karen Ryan, Ph.D.

“This program is yet another strong reason for top students to choose Stetson,” said Dean and Professor of Law Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz. “A Stetson education seamlessly blends broad educational perspective with professional experience. Our students apply Stetson values to solve real-world problems by assisting clients and our communities.”

To take advantage of this opportunity, students must complete the general education and major requirements, and meet minimum qualifications at the College of Law. For more detailed information, contact Bailey, chair of the Pre-Law Advisory Committee at wbailey@stetson.edu.