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Summer 2014 schedule includes Maymester


Stetson University has incorporated several changes to this year’s academic summer school program, including adding a Maymester to the summer class schedule. The changes, all  listed on the Summer Classes for Stetson Students website, include:  

  • Lower tuition and housing fees
  • New programs offered in all sessions
  • New session options, including a two-week Maymester session with special offerings. 

The summer 2014 tuition has been lowered significantly for all courses to provide a more cost-effective option to encourage students to stay and learn at Stetson this summer.

“We have found that when students take courses at the state colleges, earning three credits for the course rather than the four-credit equivalent of one Stetson course unit, they typically fall behind in Stetson’s graduation requirements,” said Beth Paul, Ph.D., provost and vice president for academic affairs. “Staying at Stetson for the summer will enhance students’ ability to stay on track for an on-time graduation.

Summer 2014 fees per course unit (transferable with other institutions as four credits) are:

1 course unit                                                          $1,992

.25 course unit                                                       $   498

.50 course unit                                                       $   996

.75 course unit                                                       $1,494

Course auditing                                                           25% of tuition charge

Summer Internships:

“Internships are some of the most transformative learning experiences for students,” said Provost Paul. “When taken for academic credit, internships appear on the student transcript, which draws the attention of prospective graduate programs and/or employers.”

A new, reduced summer internship fee has been defined, at the rate of .25 of a course unit ($498), to encourage students to take internships for academic credit.  Internships will be priced by course unit proportion – i.e., a .5 unit internships will be assessed a fee of $249.  If the internship is in proximity to Stetson’s DeLand campus, housing is available to these students; the rates for summer on-campus housing have also been reduced.

Summer housing:

Summer housing prices have also been reduced, to support student engagement in summer school.  The cost will be $125 per week for students enrolled in any Stetson course (www.stetson.edu/housing).  ** If students take a total of three courses (Maymester and Summer Session courses are included), and are living in on-campus housing, they will receive a 50% discount on on-campus housing costs during the time that they are registered for Stetson summer school courses.  ** 

Summer Sessions. There are now 4 Summer sessions plus a special new Maymester session: 

Session Session Type Duration Start Date End Date
B Maymester 2 weeks May 15 May 30
C Campus 4 weeks May 15 June 14
D Campus 7 weeks May 15 July 2
E Online 6 weeks June 2 July 15
F Campus 4 weeks June 19 July 18


“Maymester was designed to be a two-week session beginning after commencement in May, when your student can have a learning experience that is designed differently than what they experience in the fall and spring semesters,” Provost Paul explained. The courses and offerings each year will likely change. Some are academic credit bearing courses; some are non-credit workshops that offer important personal and/or professional opportunities, sometimes including the possibility of earning a professional certification. The non-credit workshops (priced separately) will issue certificates of completion, and may be included on the student’s resume.

Registration for all summer courses, including Maymester, began April 7. Please visit http://www.stetson.edu/other/summer/classes-for-current-students.php for more information.  An announcement of this new program has also been distributed to all students at Stetson.

Summer Programs for Children of all Ages:

Please visit http://www.stetson.edu/other/summer/ to learn about the many summer programs we offer, including exciting opportunities for children of all ages.  We have programs in DeLand and Celebration, Fla.