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Student Composers perform original music

student composersThe Stetson University School of Music Student Composers Concert is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 7:30 p.m., in Lee Chapel inside Elizabeth Hall, 421 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand.

This concert will feature the original compositions of nine music students, with other students performing the works. (Pictured, left to right: Maggie Nicks, Justin Ward Weber, Erik Ferguson, Jeremy Umlauf, Anthony Virgilio, Matthew Bardin, Elijah Garland, Marcus Jones, Demi Nicks.) Stetson’s music composition program is under the direction of associate professor of music Manuel de Murga, Ph.D. The original pieces of music to be featured in Tuesday’s program include:

  • Plasmaspherea percussion quartet written as the first installment in a series of percussion pieces known as the “The Magnetosphere” – written by Joshua Albert
  • Cranes by the Riverside, a four and a half minute piece for flute, violin, cello, and piano – Jeremy Umlauf, conductor
  • Cradle, a short piano piece inspired by an excerpt called “On Children” from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran – written by Maggie Nicks
  • Piano Quartet, a work for piano, violin, viola and cello, written during the fall semester of 2013 – written by Elijah Garland
  • It is only…”, a short art song—approximately two minutes—for female voice set to the last stanza of Maya Angelou’s poem, “Touched By An Angel” – written by Demi Nicks
  • Sea Sunrise, a composition comprised of four modules borrowing Impressionist and traditional tonal harmonies to be played specifically on Stetson’s Beckerath Organ – written by Erik Ferguson
  • Clair de Lune for string quartet, written to capture the meaning of the harmonic language used in writing the piece – written by Justin Ward Weber
  • Nevermore representing the constant battle between heaven and hell – written by Anthony Virgilio
  • Lights, an interactive computer program written in Max/Msp/Jitter that gives the performer gesture-based control over pre-recorded audio – written by Joseph Palermo.

A complete listing of the 2013-14 concert season is found on the School of Music website. Tickets: adults–$10; seniors–$8; area students–$5. More information: School of Music concert line: (386) 822-8947. Visit stetson.edu/cultural-calendar for a complete listing of Stetson’s cultural events, including not only music, but also theatre, visual arts and lectures.