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Professional development offered by SUM

SUM workshopsThe Stetson University Marketing office is offering a series of workshops to assist the university community in communicating with internal, external or other unique constituents. These professional development sessions are being offered to help the Stetson community be more productive and gain insights into best practices in the marketing and communication fields.

To register for any of the following workshops, call Donna Nassick at 386-822-8923. Some of the workshops have a limited enrollment and depending on the numbers, the locations will be assigned later as we get closer to the workshop date. For the workshops designated as “brown bag lunches,” you are encouraged to bring your own lunch, and the SUM office will supply drinks.

9.26.13/NOON-1 p.m.  How can I reach my audience? (Brown bag lunch)  Who should attend: Anyone who wants to learn how to promote themselves or their programs to the media. We will discuss the role of Public Relations within Marketing, tools such as Stetson Today (including calendar and announcements), news releases, talk radio, media pitches, story ideas and talking to the media. (This is not media training.)

10.10.13/NOON-1 p.m.  Stetson Brand: The Power of Significance (Brown bag lunch)  Who should attend: Anyone interested in learning how the university brand affects the way we market and advertise our products and services. Beyond logos and color pallets lies the brand – the intersection of science (strategy) and art (visual identity) that drives emotion. See what the university brand is and how it bridges the gap between us and our audience , and why it is the foundation for all you might want to do.

10.14.13/9:30-10:30 a.m.  Those Blasted Emails!  Who should attend: Anyone who communicates with groups of people. Tired of too many emails? Don’t add to the problem. Determine the best way to reach your constituents before hitting the send button. Learn when to use email blasts, internal email lists, announcements, social media or none of the above. We will also discuss changes to the announcement section on Stetson Today and how it can help you get your message out. We’ll look at examples, discuss the differences among them and review tips for writing to reach your audience.

10.16.13/1:30-2:30 p.m.  Demystifying Content Management for the Web  Who should attend: Anyone who has a hand in managing an official university website or is interested in learning about content management. It’s not that content management is all that complicated; rather it’s that there’s a lot to consider. Who is your audience? What kind of experience do they expect? How are they experiencing your website: These make up some of the first questions that should be asked as you build a website That’s relevant to your users, and practical not only to use but to maintain. Remember, your website is how you speak to the world. Let is shine! 

11.12.13/NOON-1 p.m. (Brown bag lunch)  Speaking with the Media – Basic Training  Who should attend: Anyone who might anticipate dealing with the media (print, broadcast or digital) Despite its name, media training is not actually for the media. It’s for you – someone who may need to communicate with the media. It’s an invaluable experience that will arm you with the basic essentials you might need to comfortably and effectively engage with the media.

11.13.13/NOON-1 p.m. (Brown bag lunch)  Good Presentations Don’t Just Happen  Who should attend: Anyone who has to construct a presentation assisted by technology. The workshop is designed to explain best practices for presentations, the effective use of technology to make your presentation relevant and memorable, and what tools are available as you prepare.