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Watch us grow at Hollis Center

Hollis Center renovations '13“Watch us grow” is the phrase that defines the new Wellness and Recreation Department for the 2013-2014 school year. Since the beginning of August, major renovations have been made to Stetson’s Hollis Center ensuring a successful new year for Stetson’s Club Sports, as well as for everyone who takes advantage of all the programs offered at the Hollis Center.

Changes made to the interior include renovation of the floors, resurfacing of the Rinker Field House and the aerobic studio floors, and installation of new weight equipment.

“Formerly, we had the same equipment since the building was first completed,” said Colleen Price, director of Wellness and Recreation. “We decided this year that it was finally time for a change.”

Students who enter the Hollis Center will now notice the brand new Jungle Gym, larger weights, and high-tech touch-screen fitness monitor provided by the brand Life Fitness. The Wellness and Recreation staff designed the room and selected the equipment that provided the right balance for both first-time users and more experienced weight lifters.

“The design is very user friendly,” Price elaborated. “We actually created the room as a circuit and designed it for a full-body work out. We wanted to focus on the safety of the pieces as well as the safety of the users.”

Hollis Center weightsFuture plans for renovations include the lounge area and more aids to help students reach their fitness goals.

“We are looking at adding some more gaming systems,” Price stated. “Also, we will continue to educate students on the equipment pieces. We’ll be offering fitness assessments this fall. We want to give students a starting point by measuring their flexibility, body strength, weight, measurements, and other areas that will help them expand on their fitness goals.”

Transforming the Hollis Center is only part of the changes made in the Wellness and Recreation area. Club Sports is now officially aligned with Wellness and Recreation instead of the Athletics Department.

Club Sports is a student-controlled area of Wellness divided into two different types of areas: recreational and competitive. Students who participate in competitive club sports have a chance to compete with schools all over the nation.

“We will be providing the students and teams who participate in Club Sports with quality support and focus,” Price said.

This past summer, the Wellness department welcomed women’s soccer into the Club Sports program. Currently there are 15 active clubs participating in field sports, indoor/outdoor court sports, off-campus sports, and water sports. Price urges students who are interested to get involved.

“If any student or student(s) want information on how to get involved or even start up their own team, they can contact the Club Sports information area in our department,” Price stated. Assistant director of Wellness and Recreation Cameron Edwards (386.822.7003 or email at cbedward@stetson.edu) and graduate assistant Devin Legge (386-822-8117 or dlegge@stetson.edu) are in charge of Club Sports information and involvement. Students interested in signing up can also visit Club Sport’s official website.

by Maurie Murray