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June 24, 2013

Vincent Mingils, teacher ed internStetson University’s Teacher Education internship program in Central Florida public schools was successfully completed by recent Stetson graduates. The program prepares prospective teachers for working in diverse classrooms by enabling them to work with public school students. In addition, public school teachers mentor the Stetson student interns.

Five students completed their internships in Flagler, Orange, and Seminole county schools. Each student taught at either middle or high school level and pursued majors in music education. They are allowed to major and intern in either the music education vocal program or the music education instrumental program.

From the first day of class, the students gained real-world experience during 15-week internship by teaching, grading and planning for their classes every day, all day. In addition to teaching classes full-time, each student took two classes connecting their coursework to their work done in the field.

After earning a degree and completing the internship, music education graduates receive a certification to teach in Florida and are approved by the State Department of Education and the National Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.

It is common for schools to hire the students who performed with them during their internship, which is why students feel very confident in entering the field professionally right after graduating.

“I plan to go straight on to teach before returning to graduate school for another degree in education,” said Brittnie Curley, one of the Stetson student interns.

Even though several of these students plan on teaching after graduating, similar to Curley they also plan on attending graduate school.  Here is the list of the students, who successfully completed the Teacher Education internship program including their hometowns, majors, schools where they interned and plans after graduation, if provided:

by Maurie Murray

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