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Stetson alumna pushes world forward

Isa AdneyStetson University alumna Isa Adney, author and speaker, was selected for GOOD Magazine’s list of 100 People Pushing the World Forward. GOOD Magazine focused on Adney’s rising status as a motivational figure in the collegiate world for their April issue.

The global progress-based publication praises Adney for her work as a motivational speaker, consultant and author of Community College Success, a guide for first-generation, low-income and minority students financially and emotionally struggling in their collegiate years.

Isa Adney graduated from Stetson University in 2009 with a major in communication studies. In February 2012, Adney published her first book, Community College Success.

Adney credits her two years at Stetson University as providing motivation for her to write and publish her own book.

“The biggest influence was the undergraduate research project. I loved the process and found it invigorating and challenging,” Adney said. “I knew the steps to take after completing the research project and started getting mentors to help with my book just like I did at Stetson.”

In particular, Adney credits her mentor and senior research advisor Rebecca Watts, Ph.D., associate professor of communications and media studies, for preparing her to take on the challenge of writing a book.

“It was really her mentoring, meeting with her every week and seeing that a big project, when broken up into small steps, week by week, is absolutely doable,” Adney elaborated. “Having her there made it feel less scary. And once I had done it once, doing it again didn’t feel scary anymore.”

While Adney’s book is centered on community colleges, her tips and analysis is universal for students of any institution.

“Even though I only attended Stetson for two years, I got many opportunities because of my professors,” Adney states. “Use your professor’s office hours and take their advice. Build a solid relationship with them.”

Recognized by the White House as a “community college superstar,” Adney’s official website is dedicated to helping college students maximize their educational experience in order to prepare for the future. Adney is overwhelmed by the magazine’s acknowledgement of her work.

“I felt very honored. I was very surprised honestly. It just makes you feel good when you are doing this type of work from home.”

In addition to her website and her book, Adney hosts a Youtube show speaking with money management and collegiate consults.

While Adney works through different media channels, she maintains a plan of success for all college students and young adult professionals.

“The main message is that opportunities happen through people. Through friends, mentors, professors.  Contrary to popular opinion, the best time to network is when you are young,” Adney said.

Adney is the first in her family to graduate from college. After her community college experience at Seminole State College, Adney was awarded the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship in order to attend Stetson. She completed her M.Ed in training and development from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

by Maurie Murray