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Research shows tech leads to growth in GDP

Kate MacFarlane and Shahram AmiriDeveloping nations that invest in building robust information communications technology (ICT) – such as Internet and broadband – will see an increase in their GDP, and improvement in the national economy and quality of life for its citizens, according to researchers from Stetson University.

Stetson MBA student Kate MacFarlane (pictured left) presented a research paper at The Finance, Global Management, Economics & Information Technology Research Conference in New York on “Information Communication Technology and Gross Domestic Product of Communities and Nations.” The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge (JAABC) organized the event. MacFarlane’s research is expected to be published in JAABC in September.

Shahram Amiri, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Decision and Information Sciences at Stetson and co-author of the study (pictured right), has previously completed extensive studies on the impact of information and telecommunication technology in communities and developing nations. His research provided the foundation for MacFarlane’s case study and subsequent findings. Also pictured, center, is conference organizer Dr. Turan Senguder, CEO & Executive Chair, JABRC (Journal of American Business Review, Cambridge).

“The significance of Kate’s research is that she moved beyond the hypothesis that ICT has an impact only on the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and the economy,” said Amiri. “She examined the ICT impact in a larger context, as a catalyst for socio-economic improvement and GDP. Only 13 percent of research submitted to the JAABC is accepted for publication and presentation, so this is a great accomplishment.”

MacFarlane completed her research by conducting a case study over several months on Singapore’s growing information communication technology resources. Her report analyzed networked readiness, government involvement, education and human capital development and technology utilization.

“We found numerous data that showed that there was a positive correlation” between ICT and growth in GDP, MacFarlane said. “Future research can build on this to examine and measure the impact of ICT on the economic growth and prosperity of developing nations, and determine best practices for success,” said MacFarlane, adding that she plans to continue her research on this topic.

by Maurie Murray